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Patch 2.6.6 the New Alliance and Kingdom Dynamics

Player Guide: Mastering the New Alliance and Kingdom Dynamics in Infinity Kingdom

The latest patch has revolutionized the way alliances and kingdoms interact in the world of Infinity Kingdom. Traditionally, alliances were confined within the borders of their own kingdoms. For example, only players within the Ruslan kingdom (red) could join alliances formed by fellow Ruslan players. This limitation is now a thing of the past! Players are now granted the freedom to join any alliance across the diverse kingdoms of Norheim.

Key Changes and Their Impact

Cross-Kingdom Alliances

The update allows players to align with any alliance, regardless of the kingdom. This newfound flexibility means players can now leverage kingdom-specific buffs that align with their strategic preferences and build choices.

  • Customizing Buffs: If your strategy involves utilizing cavalry immortals as your main march, the 5% cavalry HP buff from Ruslan becomes crucial. Shieldmen specialists will benefit from the Vitas buff, while spearmen users should look towards Ydia for enhancements. This ensures that players in Vitas, for instance, are no longer at a disadvantage when deploying cavalry in their main force. Changing your allegiance to a new kingdom while retaining your preferred alliance is now effortlessly possible.

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Enhanced Utilization of Kingdom Honor Ranking Buffs

The introduction of cross-kingdom alliances opens up strategic avenues for maximizing the benefits of kingdom honor ranking buffs. These buffs, awarded through titles such as Prince, provide not only a significant troop boost but also considerable enhancements to your immortals.

  • Strategic Alliance Distribution: High-power alliances, typically one to three per server, can now spread across different kingdoms, making full use of the available honor ranking buffs. This strategic distribution ensures that powerful buffs, which were previously unattainable for many due to the restrictive kingdom-alliance relationship, are now within reach. Players in servers with fewer dominant alliances no longer have to miss out on full kingdom honor ranking benefits.

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Strategy Tips

  • Go Get Your Best Buff: Embrace the change! Analyze which kingdom’s buff aligns best with your gameplay style and make the switch without losing your alliance connections.
  • Maximize Your Fighting Power: With the ability to access and utilize all kingdom honor rankings, players can significantly boost their combat effectiveness, especially when gearing up for closely matched server vs server (svs) battles.

This update is a game-changer for Infinity Kingdom players, offering unprecedented flexibility and strategic depth. Whether you’re fine-tuning your main march or looking to maximize your fighting power through honor rankings, the new alliance and kingdom dynamics open up a world of possibilities. Dive in, explore, and conquer Norheim like never before!

Published: 02-02-2024