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Patch 2.6.8 – How to use the new buff-insight-feature

Player Guide: Mastering the Buff Overview Feature in Infinity Kingdom

The latest patch in Infinity Kingdom has introduced a significant feature that enhances gameplay transparency and strategy: the Buff Overview. This feature allows players to see exactly what buffs and debuffs are active on any immortal at any given time during a battle. Here’s how to leverage this new tool to gain deeper insights into the mechanics of combat and refine your strategies.

Accessing the Buff Overview

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Feature

Accessing Buff Details:

  • During or after a battle, access the battle replay.
  • Click on the “buffs” tab located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

    Monitoring Buffs and Debuffs:

    • You can pause the battle at any critical moment to see precisely what effects are active.
    • Alternatively, watch the replay with the buff tab open, adjusting the speed to normal for a clear view of how and when buffs and debuffs are applied or removed.

      Recommendations for Effective Use

      • Speed Adjustment: Since the default 2x speed may be too fast to track buffs and debuffs accurately, it’s advisable to set the replay speed to normal. This slower pace allows for a detailed observation of the combat dynamics.

      Benefits of the Buff Overview Feature

      Enhanced Game Understanding

      • Real-Time Strategy Adjustment: By observing which buffs and debuffs are affecting your immortals during battle, you can make informed decisions on the fly, adjusting your tactics based on the strengths and weaknesses revealed through the feature.
      • Post-Battle Analysis: Use the feature to analyze battles post-completion, identifying key moments where certain buffs or debuffs played a pivotal role. This analysis can guide future troop compositions and strategy adjustments.

      Increased Transparency

      • Clearer Combat Dynamics: The Buff Overview clarifies the often-complex interplay of various skills and effects in battle, helping players understand exactly why certain outcomes occur.
      • Educational Tool: For newer players, this feature serves as an educational tool, helping them learn the effects of different immortals’ skills and how they interact in the heat of battle.

      For example, running your fire, you can now keep track of immortal skills such as Trajan’s crit buff or Tokugawas many debuff effects. Likewise, you can see exactly how much skills like Oaken Guard, No Escape and many others are in effect and what happens while they are.

      Future Enhancements and Expectations

      While the current implementation of the Buff Overview is highly beneficial, there is room for further enhancement:

      • Cause and Effect Details: A future update could include information on the cause of each buff or debuff when selected. This addition would provide even deeper insights into the mechanics at play, particularly how specific skills affect the battlefield.


      The Buff Overview feature is a game-changing addition to Infinity Kingdom, offering players unprecedented insight into the mechanics of buffs and debuffs during combat. By effectively utilizing this tool, players can not only refine their current strategies but also develop a more nuanced understanding of combat dynamics, potentially leading to higher success rates in both PvP and PvE scenarios. As Infinity Kingdom continues to evolve, features like these underscore the game’s commitment to strategic depth and player engagement.

      Published: 23-04-2024