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Patch 2.6.8 – How to use the fourth march

Player Guide: Navigating the Fourth March in Infinity Kingdom PvP and PvE Events

The recent update to Infinity Kingdom introduced a game-changing feature: the addition of a fourth march in PvP combat events such as Arena and Throne, as well as in the PvE event, Rift Breaker Boss. This addition significantly impacts the dynamics of player strategies and power differentials between spenders and non-spenders.

Implications of the Fourth March

Increased Power Differential

The introduction of a fourth march widens the gap between whales (big spenders) and non-whales. Players who have invested heavily in the game will likely have the resources to equip and sustain a powerful fourth march, whereas average players may struggle to muster a competitive fourth force.

Strategic Opportunities

Despite the challenges, the fourth march offers strategic opportunities that can be exploited even with limited resources. Here’s how to maximize the potential of a less powerful fourth march:

Strategies for Maximizing Your Fourth March

1. Utilizing Elemental Dragons

  • Dragon Choice: Employ dragons like the lightning or fire dragon, which guarantee true damage with their dragon breath. This ensures that your fourth march can still impact the battlefield by softening enemy troops, potentially tipping the scales in closely matched encounters.

2. Deploying Chaos Immortals

  • Chaos at Low Levels: Even unmaxed chaos immortals can be significantly impactful. Their innate abilities can make them useful even with minimal upgrades. For example, using a low-star Fu Fei can still disrupt enemy formations effectively.

3. Tactical Placement

  • Follow-up Strategy: Use your fourth march strategically after your main marches to clean up weakened enemies. This approach is particularly effective if your primary marches are designed to inflict heavy damage, allowing your fourth march to finish off the remaining forces.
  • Example Setup: If you have a strong fire setup as your third march, position your fourth march to engage immediately after. Even a weaker fourth march can successfully defeat or severely damage an already weakened enemy.

Considerations for Building Your Fourth March

Troop Composition and Synergy

  • Focus on Synergy: Even if your fourth march isn’t as strong, maintaining synergy between the immortals’ abilities can enhance its effectiveness. This includes aligning their elemental strengths and combining their skills to support each other.
  • Skill Allocation: Prioritize deploying leftover but potent Tower of Knowledge skills that can amplify even a weaker group of immortals.

Adapting to the New Meta

  • Experimentation: With the introduction of the fourth march, the game’s meta will inevitably shift. Stay adaptive and experiment with different combinations and strategies to find what works best for your lineup and playing style.
  • Feedback and Adjustments: Pay close attention to the performance of all your marches in battle and be ready to make adjustments. The key to success will be continuous optimization based on battle outcomes and emerging player strategies.


The addition of a fourth march in Infinity Kingdom presents both challenges and opportunities. For players without the resources to field four powerhouse marches, strategic creativity and clever utilization of available immortals and skills can still yield competitive advantages. Whether you are a whale or a more modest spender, the new dynamics call for experimentation and adaptation to harness the full potential of your armies in the evolving landscape of Infinity Kingdom.

Published 19-04-2024