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Patch – New UI, auto-garrison, new shop items!

Patch Update for Infinity Kingdom: A New Era of Gameplay and Aesthetic Delights

The virtual realms of Infinity Kingdom have been infused with a fresh wave of enhancements and additions, ushering in the highly anticipated Patch 2.6.6. With a slew of UI and gameplay upgrades, not to mention an array of enticing new items, this update promises to elevate the immersive experience for both new adventurers and seasoned veterans alike.

Streamlined User Interface: Navigating the Kingdom with Finesse

One of the hallmark improvements of Patch 2.6.6 is the revamped user interface (UI) that will leave players spellbound. The UI overhaul is designed to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly navigation system, ensuring that players can effortlessly explore the intricate world of Infinity Kingdom. the UI has been meticulously redesigned to make your journey through the kingdom more enjoyable than ever before with a new and greatly enhanced march overview UI feature. Here you can see the status, movement timers, and much more giving greater insights more rapidly for players.

Auto Garrison Feature: Efficiency at Your Fingertips

The advent of the Auto Garrison feature is set to revolutionize how players defend their realms. With a simple command, you can now assign troops to automatically garrison your Castle, thereby fortifying your defenses without the hassle of manual intervention.

This strategic addition allows players to focus on grander schemes while ensuring their territories remain impervious to external threats.

VIP Store: Exclusive Treasures Await

Patch 2.6.6 introduces the illustrious VIP Store, an emporium brimming with exclusive treasures and rewards for the most dedicated adventurers. As players ascend through the VIP ranks, they’ll unlock access to this veritable trove of sought-after items, granting a distinct advantage on the battlefield. The VIP Store is a testament to Infinity Kingdom’s commitment to honoring the loyalty of its valiant players.

Artifact Upgrade Materials and New Immortals: Power Unveiled

For those who yearn to ascend to new heights of power, the patch delivers with an array of Artifact upgrade materials available for purchase. Elevating the strength and potency of your Artifacts has never been easier, offering an avenue to customize your gameplay strategy in unprecedented ways.

Additionally, the Pearl shop has welcomed a host of new immortals, each wielding unique abilities and traits that are poised to reshape the dynamics of battle.

New UI for Marches: Tactical Finesse Redefined

Patch 2.6.6 introduces a new and improved UI for managing your marches. Now, players can strategize with greater precision, ensuring that their armies move in tandem with their calculated plans. The enhanced UI empowers players to orchestrate complex maneuvers with ease, further reinforcing Infinity Kingdom’s commitment to fostering tactical brilliance.

Honor Ranking Castle Cosmetics Skins: Exude Grandeur

The allure of regal aesthetics takes center stage with the introduction of Honor Ranking Castle Cosmetic Skins. Distinguished players who ascend through the ranks will have the opportunity to adorn their castles with opulent and majestic designs, showcasing their hard-earned achievements in the most splendid fashion. These cosmetic skins epitomize the grandeur of Infinity Kingdom’s virtual realm.

The Mysterium continues!

New Mysterium levels to progres through. The Mysterium rewards are huge now, with artifact fragments for unique artifacts for Atilla, Alex, Cid, Saladin and Ramssess as well as a ton more gold and speed ups.


In conclusion, Patch 2.6.6 is an epochal chapter in the saga of Infinity Kingdom, propelling the game into new dimensions of immersion and strategy. With its enriched UI, automated features, exclusive VIP Store, artifact enhancements, and captivating new immortals, this update encapsulates the developers’ unwavering dedication to crafting an unforgettable gaming experience. Brace yourselves for an adventure like no other, as Infinity Kingdom continues to evolve and captivate the hearts of adventurers worldwide.

Published: 15-08-2023