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Patch 2.6 – levels 55 unlocked and more!


Thank you for your patience in waiting for this patch. We promise not to disappoint you. Patch 2.6 includes important new content and lots of optimizations! A new level limit is coming, and mysterious crystals known as Etherite have appeared in Norheim, guiding its Lords on a brand new adventure. In addition, due to popular demand, the developers have increased the shop availability of Wind Dragon Crystals, optimized Battle Chess and other features. All detailed changes are included in these patch notes. Enjoy!

New Features

1. Increased Level Limit

Increased the maximum level of buildings in the Territory to Lv.55. To upgrade buildings, a special material is required: Etherite.

Etherite can be obtained by transmuting items at the Forge, or from the Wonderful Activities event.


When the Barracks reach Lv.55, a new troop type will be unlocked: Elite Palace Troops. Stronger troops are the foundation of a stronger unit.


Increased the maximum level of dragons to Lv.55. With the support of more powerful dragons, your units will see a great increase in Power.


a. New level limit: Increased the maximum level of Immortals to Lv.55.

b. New class limit: Increased the maximum class of Immortals to Class 30.

c. New equipment: Added the Ether series of Legendary equipment. Wearing Legendary equipment will vastly increase your strength.

Well of Time

Added new chapters to Well of Time: Chapter 16 – Holy Protection, Chapter 17 – A Brothers Pain, and Chapter 18 – Battle of Virtus.

Academy Technology

Added new branches to the Fortifications, Immortal, and Military technology trees, allowing you to obtain all kinds of powerful attribute bonuses.

Tower of Knowledge Skills

Added 12 new skills to the Tower of Knowledge.

Skill NameCategoryDescription
Unforeseen Attack TriggeredEvery 6s after battle starts, has a 50% chance of dealing Physical Damage (Damage Factor x%) to 1 random back-row enemy unit. 
Weakening CurseDebuffAfter battle starts, inflicts Disarm on all enemy units, reducing the damage they deal by x% for 45s or until they use an active skill.
Lost DimensionPassiveUpon receiving Physical Damage, has a y% chance of disorienting 1 random enemy unit, reducing their SP Recovery by 50% and their Accuracy Rate by 15% for 6s.
ExecutionerPassiveUpon dealing 10 instances of Continuous Damage, also deals Physical Damage (Damage Factor x%) to all enemy units and gains the Execute status, increasing damage dealt to targets with less than 30% HP by y% for 6s.
Wine and DinePassiveWhen healing an allied unit, has a 50% chance of increasing that unit’s damage by x% for 6s.
Heavy LifterPassiveWhen using a passive skill, has a 50% chance of also dealing Magical Damage (Damage Factor x%) to all enemy units, and reducing their Attack Speed by y% for 12s.
Phantom AgilityPassiveUpon successfully dodging an enemy’s attack, increases the damage of the next active skill by x%. Stacks up to 3 times. Expires upon using an active skill.
Memory DefenseTriggeredEvery 12s after battles starts, has a 65% chance of granting you and the allied unit with the highest losses a buff that increases Healing Effect by x% and Physical Defense and Magical Defense by y% for 12s.
AmbushTriggeredEvery 12s after battle starts, has a 50% chance of gaining Stealth status, becoming unable to act or be targeted for 3s. After Stealth status ends, appears and deals Physical Damage (Damage Factor x%) to all enemy units.
Poison ThornTriggeredEvery 6s after battle starts, has a 60% chance of dealing Magical Damage (Damage Factor x%) to the enemy unit with the highest Physical Attack. Also inflicts Poison on the target, causing them to take Magical Damage (Damage Factor y%) every 3s for 6s, and reducing their Healing Effect by 50%.
No EscapeTriggeredAt the start of battle, has a x% chance of inflicting Silence on all enemy units for 6s. Every 6s after Silence ends, has a y% chance of dealing Physical Damage (Damage Factor z%) to all enemy units, and Stunning 2 random targets for 3s.
Corrosive PowerTriggeredUpon dealing 3 instances of active skill damage, recovers x% SP and increases your active skill damage by y% for 2s.


1. Wind Dragon Crystal Sales

Due to popular demand, the Arena Shop now has much more Wind Dragon Crystals available for sale.

a. Players who reach Gold III or higher will have one chance per season to redeem Wind Dragon Crystals at an even lower price at the Insignia Shop.

b. Availability will gradually increase with each Arena season.

2. Battle Chess

a. Adjusted the rules for leaving Alliance Invitationals rooms

When the Alliance Invitationals end, you and your opponent need to return to the invitational room again.

b. Emojis

Added emojis to Battle Chess to improve its fun and social factors. You can use the Chat button to send unlocked emojis to your opponent.

3. Unit Expedition Display

When the number of troops in the current unit is below the minimum, the No. of Troops information will be displayed in red. This makes it easier to manage your units.

4. Immortal Display

Improved the display of Immortals. The new background on the Immortals screen improves the experience.

That’s all the changes coming with Patch 2.6. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, then please feel free to get in touch with us over Facebook, Discord, VK, or any other official channels. Compete with other Lords to race to the new level limit! A patch notes reading activity is also available on Facebook. Simply share your views on any part of the patch notes together with your ID for a chance to win fabulous rewards. Come to Facebook and share your thoughts with us now!

Published: 11-08-2023