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Free Arena – patch 2.6.5

Infinity Kingdom 2.6.3 Update: Unleashing the Free Arena and Mysterious Merchant Ship

Norheim is ablaze with excitement as factions rise and the landscape of Infinity Kingdom undergoes a transformative shift. The highly-anticipated 2.6.3 update responds to player feedback, introducing game-changing features that promise to redefine the thrill of battles and offer fresh challenges. Let’s delve into the dynamic additions of the Free Arena and explore the mysterious opportunities presented by the Merchant Ship in this comprehensive overview.

What is Free Arena?

The Free Arena emerges as a battlefield unbound, a realm where lords can unleash their strategic prowess without the shackles of restrictions. It represents a new era of competitive combat, providing an open arena for both newcomers and seasoned veterans returning to Norheim.

How Does Free Arena Work?

1. Season Cycles & Matchmaking Rules:

  • Each Free Arena season spans a duration of 30 days, allowing lords ample time to showcase their skills.
  • Matchmaking rules ensure that lords face opponents participating in the same round of the KVK season, fostering intense, strategic battles.

2. Challenge Rules:

  • Lords initiate challenges using Free Arena tickets, with five free tickets granted daily.
  • Accumulate Rank Points and Victory Points through victories, unlocking daily rewards, tier rewards, and coveted ranking rewards.

3. Reward Rules:

  • Elevate your rank and ranking to unlock daily rewards and special rewards when the season concludes.
  • Accumulate Victory Points to unlock the daily arena treasure chest, filled with Stardust, Dragon Essence, Gold, and various enticing rewards.

4. Battle Rules:

  • Select attributes, immortals, dragons, and troops wisely, with a reset required at the beginning of each Free Arena season.
  • Immortals, dragons, and troops available are specific to the Free Arena, ensuring a leveled playing field for all participants.

The Unique Brilliance of Free Arena:

One of the standout features of the Free Arena is the ability to engage in battles against other servers participating in the same KvK season. This brings an unprecedented level of excitement as players face off on a truly leveled playing field. Whale servers no longer hold an overwhelming inherent advantage in one-on-one combat. The Free Arena creates an environment where strategic prowess, skill, and teamwork take center stage, making every battle a thrilling and fair competition.

Mysterious Merchant Ship: A Sea of Opportunities

In addition to the Free Arena, the patchnotes also brings a new awesome feature to Infinity Kingdom – The Mysterious Merchant Ship! I am looking forward to this for one simple reason: Stardust. We need so much stardust to upgrade our Immortals that even spending all you can you are still running low on Stardust always. This is an additional method of obtaining Stardust, simple and great!

Unlock Requirements:

  • Servers must have progressed to at least season 2 to unlock the Mysterious Merchant Ship.

Feature Rules:

  • Available every Saturday for a 2-day window, lords can spend Gems to acquire Crimson Moonlight, Stardust, Gold, Loren’s Heart, and other coveted items.
  • Initial purchases enjoy discounts, with subsequent items escalating in price, adding an element of strategy to your acquisitions.


The 2.6.3 update in Infinity Kingdom heralds an era of unbridled excitement and fresh challenges. The Free Arena and Mysterious Merchant Ship offer lords new avenues for competition and rewards, transforming Norheim into an even more vibrant and competitive realm. Brace yourselves for the Legion of Frostborne, and may your adventures be filled with triumphs in this exciting new chapter!

Published: 10-12-2023