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Patch 2.6.7 – Open Arena changes, ToK skill changes, and recycling Ability Stones

Infinity Kingdom Patch 2.6.7 Player Guide: Analysis and Impact

With the release of patch 2.6.7, Infinity Kingdom takes another exciting step forward, introducing a series of enhancements and new features poised to reshape the strategic landscape of Norheim. This guide delves into the official patch notes released by YooZoo, providing an in-depth analysis of the content and its implications for players.

New Features and Their Strategic Impact

1. New Open Arena

Seasonal Elements and Restrictions

The introduction of seasonal elements to the Open Arena, including Immortal and skill restrictions, injects fresh strategic challenges. Players must adapt their strategies each season, encouraging diversity in team compositions and tactics. The banning of two Epic Immortals from each element and random Tower of Knowledge skills necessitates a deeper roster and versatility in skill setups.

Immortal Artifacts Availability

The equal access to Artifacts within the Open Arena levels the playing field, focusing competition on strategic prowess rather than inventory depth. This change encourages players to experiment with different Artifact combinations to maximize their team’s effectiveness.

2. Ability Stone Selling

The option to convert Ability Stones into Cinder of Wish offers players a new avenue to utilize surplus materials, enhancing their ability to focus on desired upgrades and refinements.

3. Equipment Stone Slotting

The addition of a [Compose All] feature streamlines the process of managing Equipment Stones, saving time and improving user experience. The interface and sorting optimizations further simplify equipment management, allowing for quicker adjustments and optimizations.

4. New Immortal: Pakal the Great

Pakal the Great adds depth to the Earth element lineup, providing players with new strategic options for their teams. His introduction is likely to inspire new team compositions and strategies, especially for players focusing on Earth-aligned teams.

Optimizations and Their Benefits

1. Primal Pinball

The ability to tap and hold the golden toad for continuous pinball shooting enhances the game’s playability, making this feature more enjoyable and less tedious.

2. Main Menu Shop Access

Direct access to various shops from the main interface streamlines the shopping experience, reducing the time spent navigating menus and allowing players to focus more on gameplay.

3. Lord Nobility Interface

The visual polish and addition of a TIPS button improve user interaction with the Lord Nobility system, making it more engaging and informative.

4. Dragon Chest Opening

The quick access button for Dragon Chests simplifies inventory management and ensures players don’t overlook the valuable resources these chests offer.

Balance Adjustment and Gameplay Impact

1. [Holy] Defense Adjustment

The reduction in Holy’s defense against Shadow alters the elemental balance, potentially shifting the meta and affecting team compositions in PvP. I am very keen to see some Himiko Builds possibly doing real dents into holy and maybe even Chaos holy.

2. Tower of Knowledge Skill: [Drastic Action]

The adjustments to [Drastic Action], including the change in healing reduction duration and trigger threshold, modify its utility in battle. These changes may influence skill selection and strategic planning, especially in prolonged engagements.

a. Lowers healing received by 50%. The effect now lasts for 6 seconds.

b. Now triggers when HP falls below 70% (was 50%).


Patch 2.6.7 brings a wealth of changes and improvements to Infinity Kingdom, significantly impacting gameplay strategy and player experience. The new Open Arena features, alongside optimizations and balance adjustments, promise to keep the game dynamic and engaging. Players are encouraged to explore the depths of these updates, adapting their strategies and enjoying the fresh challenges and opportunities they present. With these changes, Infinity Kingdom continues to evolve, offering a rich and complex world for players to conquer.

Published: 12-03-2024