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Patch 2.6.3 – New Portrait feature, SvS annoyance and quality of life

2.6.3 Version Patch 10/09/2023

In the ever-evolving battle for Norheim, the Gnomes with impaired souls persist in their quest to construct formidable steam machines to combat the human forces. The previous version introduced the Time Rift Breakers, created by Malena, the Goddess of War, and ignited fresh animosity among humans against the Gnomes. Now, in this latest patch, version 2.6.3, a brand-new cultivation system known as Immortal Portrait is set to emerge. This system promises to bestow additional advantages upon your Immortals. Alongside this, the update features the convenience of One-click Equipment Dismantle, introduces new permissions for Alliance R5 members, and offers various optimizations to enhance the overall gameplay experience. Let’s delve into the specifics of these changes and their potential impact on players. Full official patchnotes can be found here: https://infinitykingdom.gtarcade.com/en/news/7018594.html

New Feature – Immortal Portrait

One of the most intriguing aspects of this update is the Immortal Portrait system. The Immortal Portrait interface will be integrated into the Galleries, allowing players to explore Immortals and Dragon Portraits of the corresponding element. These Immortal Portraits promise to provide a range of unique Attribute Bonuses.

  • Notably, Legendary and Epic Immortals and Dragons have exclusive Portraits.
  • Players can enhance these Portraits by using Crimson Moonlight or Astral Sand, thus increasing their Brilliance. As Portraits level up, Immortals gain access to more potent Attribute Bonuses.
  • The essential materials for enhancing these Portraits, Crimson Moonlight, and Astral Sand, will be obtainable through various in-game events.

This exciting new feature introduces a layer of depth to character customization and strategy. It will be fascinating to see how accessible these Portraits are and how players will incorporate them into their gameplay. The potential for unique buffs adds an intriguing dynamic to the overall experience.

One-click Equipment Dismantle

In the realm of quality-of-life improvements, the introduction of One-click Equipment Dismantle stands out. This feature will empower players to efficiently dismantle up to 200 pieces of equipment in one batch, providing a more streamlined approach to managing their inventory. The only exception is Elemental Equipment, which players must dismantle manually. This enhancement simplifies equipment management and offers a convenient way to declutter one’s inventory, contributing to a more player-friendly experience.

War Declaration

The introduction of the War Declaration procedure for attacking Cities and Checkpoints is a significant strategic shift in the game. Players must now formally declare war on a City or Checkpoint in Norheim or KVK before launching an invasion. Furthermore, there is a mandatory three-minute waiting period after the War Declaration.

  • Importantly, only players of Alliance R6 and R5 ranks have the authority to declare war.
  • In the Legion of Frostborne, players are confined to declaring war solely within the scope of their own Thermal Tower, eliminating the leverage of their allies’ energy range.

This strategic change aims to prolong SvS seasons by making it more challenging for alliances to conquer the entire map quickly. It disrupts the use of alternate alliances to siege with towers. However, there are concerns that this might result in empty areas of the map rather than stimulating strategic battles.


The update also introduces several other optimizations to enhance the gameplay experience:

New Alliance R5 Permissions – Leaders can assign Mayor Appointment and Alliance Tactics Usage authorities to R5 members to streamline alliance management.

Daily Sign-in Rewards Update – Daily Sign-in Rewards have been upgraded to offer more valuable items, including Immortal Fragments.

10X Draws with Philosopher’s Stone Shards – A new quick-use function allows players to use 10 Philosopher’s Stone Shards with a single tap, simplifying the process.

Time Rift Breaker Battle Report Sharing – Players can now share battle reports on Time Rift Breaker battles, promoting improved alliance coordination and communication.

Limit and Cooldown of Friendly Alliances – Within the Legion of Frostborne, each alliance can have a maximum of 9 allies. After ending friendly relations with a particular alliance, players must wait 24 hours before re-establishing relations. However, the extent of its impact remains uncertain, as it could merely serve as a minor obstacle for larger servers.

Immortal & Dragon Info Display Optimization – The information display for Immortals and Dragons on the Formation and Battle Report interfaces has been optimized, aiming to provide clearer information to players.

This update ushers in a range of changes and improvements, some with the potential to reshape gameplay strategies, while others contribute to overall quality-of-life enhancements. As players dive into the 2.6.3 Version Patch, the impact of these changes will become more apparent, and the game’s landscape may evolve accordingly.

Published: 11-10-2023