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Battle Reports 101 – a beginner introduction

Battle Reports 101 – a beginner introduction

It is incredibly important to be able to read and understand battle reports and the implications of the information you are given here. There is quite a lot of information to be had from battle reports on the damage dealt by your Immortals in your army as well as the damage taken, types of damage, critical hits, buffs, control and much more.

I have received a lot of questions about battle reports and have chosen to spend a bit of time on these in the coming months. As such, we are going to begin with a guide today on the basics of battle reports and move into the more advanced stuff gradually. As we go, please do leave a comment or post on the IK-wiki discord if there is something specific about Battle Reports that you want to learn more about!

So let’s dive on in shall we? First of all the basics. What the heck is a battle report and how do I find it?

There are battle reports generated in a few different ways depending on the content you are fighting in.

  • Arena battles (and Training grounds combat)
  • Throne of the Supreme
  • Open world combat
  • Illusion Battlegrounds

Battle reports

  • Accessing Arena Battle Reports

You can access the Arena Battle reports by reviewing your combat log in the Arena. Simply click as shown below and you have full view of the battles you have undertaken lately.

Beware that not ALL battles are stored here as they are not stored indefinitely. Only the most recent x battles are available for review. So remember to check them often and carefully before spending all of your tickets!

  • Throne of the Supreme

In Throne of the Supreme you are able to review the battle reports of ALL combats taking place in the given season. This means not only your own battles, but also those of other players whom you are perhaps about to fight! Check out the illustrations below to find the battle reports from ToS.

  • Open world combat

During open world combat in Norheim or in Legion of Frostborne, battle reports are sent directly to your message inbox in the combat folder. You can access a long history of reports here showing battles going back quite far.

However, beware that these reports do not last indefinitely. There is an expiration date attached meaning, you cannot save a report forever to go back and review months later.

The limitation is, however, only on time. Unlike in the arena, you have access to all of your recent battles no matter how many that may be.

  • Illusion Battlegrounds

In the Illusion Battlegrounds (both normal IB and IB Prime League) you are generating combat reports much like during open world combat. This means that you have access to your battles via the message inbox’s combat folder and have access to all the fights stretching back a fair bit of time.

This is however not the only way to access these reports. Especially useful for Illusion Battle Prime Leage where you are using restricted and specific army formations and loadouts, these quickly disappear in your flood of combats but since the battles here are fought with a unique Prime League loadout, wouldn’t it be nice if we could sort through and only get the battle reports related to an IB Prime League game? Yes it would! And luckily you can do just this via the Illusion Battlegrounds Reports tab as shown below.

This was a quick introduction to the very basics of battle reports. Most of you likely know most if not all of the above already, but this guide serves to catch up any new players in preparation for future guides. You can read the incrementally more advanced and specific guides on battle reports here under the common tab Battle Reports.

Published: 12-05-2023