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Shield hives in PvP Norheim/SvS combat

Shield hives are an important strategy to know and understand for player versus player (PvP) combat in Norheim and in Legion of Frostborne. Basically, we are able to use shields to protect ourselves from ANY and all attack. You are invulnerable while in a shield.

You CANNOT shield while you have Bloody Rage debuff on. Meaning, if you attack another Lord, you are unable to shield for 10 min.
(untill Bloody Rage runs out)

You are restricted from attacking other players while in shield (since attacking players will give you Bloody Rage and drop your shield instantly). But you can still participate in rallies and garrisons. Making shields a very powerful tool for PvP combat.

Read more about rallying and garrisons.

Shield hives to play around Bloody Rage debuff

You want to setup with your fellow alliance players, let’s say you found a whale you need to kill as a team since he is much more powerful than any one of you. What can you do? You can setup a shield-hive.

The strongest player amongst you should lead rallies. This person cannot shield, as he/she will get Bloody Rage debuff when sending a rally. This is why the hive it needed – strength in numbers! You want to place other team mates around the rallier like on the below image.

My Territory is the one leading the rallies and my fellow BKU castles are assisting me in my rallies and garrisoning me to defend against the whales counter attacks.

Whales hurt

This is the best way to kill and defend against whales. By pooling your marches, you are able to kill a much stronger opponent. However, you also need to be aware of the mechanics at play here. Your rallies and garrisons are fighting the enemy player 1 at a time right after each other. The power of a rally comes from the buffs (alliance tech) and from the fact that the whales army defending at his gates, does not get to refresh troop count from training grounds in between attacks. This means that you slowly grind him down untill one of your marches (you can have 5 in each rally) is able to beat the stronger player.

This also means, that the first maybe 2-4 marches you send in your rally will likely be absolutely murdered and you will incur heavy losses. Likewise, the target will gain a ton of honor since he is killing a lot of troops before you finally defeat him.

This makes it a double edged sword. It is still very powerful to fight in rally-clusters, and you are able to zero very big whales in this way. But it is by no means easy or cheap and you should expect big losses when you go whale-hunting!

Published: 02-09-2022