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How to Siege a City Correctly and Park Your Castles: A Strategic Guide

How to Siege a City Correctly and Park Your Castles: A Strategic Guide

Sieging a city in Infinity Kingdom is a pivotal aspect of the game, and doing it right can make the difference between victory and defeat. In this guide, we’ll cover the essential steps to siege a city effectively and provide insights into setting up your siege schematic and talents to ensure a successful siege.

1. Siege Schematics: The Foundation of Your Siege

Siege schematics are your blueprint for success when attacking a city. These schematics determine how you position your castles and troops on the battlefield. The correct schematic can make your siege significantly easier, so it’s crucial to choose the right one.

(A) For Norheim Cities, CoR Relics, and SvS Cities: 4×4 Schematics

These cities are designed in a 4×4 pattern, making positioning relatively straightforward. You can easily set up your castles without worrying about gaps.

(B) For Norheim Capitals, CoR World Heart, and SvS Ymir: 5×5 Schematics

These cities are larger, with a 5×5 pattern, which can be challenging when using 2×2 castles. To siege these cities effectively, you need to carefully plan your castle placements.

Avoid haphazardly parking your castles next to the city, as you might end up with unwanted gaps. Instead, strategize and position your castles thoughtfully to maximize your siege efforts.

2. Talents: Empowering Your Siege

Talents play a crucial role in bolstering your siege abilities. When attacking a difficult city, it’s essential to adjust your talents to enhance your fighting power and improve your chances of success. Don’t forget the buffs that can make a significant difference in your siege.

Here are some important talents to consider when setting up your talents for a difficult siege:

  • Ruin: Ruin talent provides a significant boost to your siege attack power. It’s a must-have when you’re trying to breach fortified city defenses.
  • Survival Methods: This talent enhances your troops’ durability, helping them withstand enemy attacks during the siege.
  • Shock: Shock talent increases the damage your troops inflict. It’s particularly valuable when you need to deal as much damage as possible to the city’s defenses.

Tips for Successful Sieges:

  • Plan your siege schematic carefully based on the city you’re attacking. Make sure to use the appropriate blueprint to avoid gaps.
  • Before initiating a siege, adjust your talents to enhance your siege capabilities. Select talents like Ruin, Survival Methods, and Shock to increase your fighting power.
  • Coordinate with your alliance or team members to maximize your chances of success. Communication and teamwork are key during sieges.
  • Utilize buffs, items, and any alliance or team support available to you. These can provide significant advantages during the siege.

In summary, sieging a city correctly in Infinity Kingdom involves strategic castle placement and talent adjustments. By following the right schematic and selecting the appropriate talents, you can significantly increase your chances of a successful siege. Remember to communicate with your allies, make use of buffs, and coordinate effectively to achieve victory in the world of Infinity Kingdom. Good luck on your sieges!

Published: 16-10-2023