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Effect types & Mechanics (debuffs and buffs)

AbsorbShieldAbsorbs damage (shielded)
BleedDebuffContinuous Physical Damage
BurnDebuffContinuous Magical Damage
ConfineControlCannot attack
DefenseShieldBlock all damage from 3 attacks
DispelDispelDispel buffs or debuffs or control effects
FreezeControl50% Extra Damage from Chill based attacks
Gloom RemedyDebuffAll healing converted into damage
InfightingControlCannot attack/cast abilities
MitigateShieldReduces the loss of an attribute/stat
PoisonDebuffContinuous Magical Damage
PurifyDispelDispel buffs or debuffs or control effects
ShieldShieldInflict damage on attacker
SilenceControlCannot attack/cast abilities
StunControlCannot attack/cast abilities
SuffocateDebuffContinuous Physical Damage
TransferDebuffAttribute, damage or stat is transferred.
WoundDebuffCannot recieve healing

Published: 04-02-2022