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Effect types & Mechanics (debuffs and buffs)

Anyone playing Infinity Kingdom will have seen a ton of different icons appearing during combat encounters. Like my fight below, many setups are centered around using the different buffs, debuffs, negative effects, shields, controls, DoT, Hots, and Despells correctly.

This can be quite overwhelmingly complex to understand, but fear not! I have gone over the main mechanics and I believe I have them all listed here below with a short explanation of what they are, what type and what they do.

Combat effects

AbsorbShieldAbsorbs damage (shielded)
BleedDebuffContinuous Physical Damage over Time (DoT)
TearDebuffContinuous Physical Damage over Time (DoT)
BurnDebuffContinuous Magical Damage over Time (DoT)
JudgementDebuffContinuous Magical Damage over Time (DoT)
ConfineControlCannot attack using normal attacks
DefenseShieldBlock all damage for 3 attacks
DiseaseDebuffContinuous Magical Damage over Time (DoT)
DisarmDebuffDecreases physical damage done
DispelDispelDispel buffs or debuffs or control effects
FreezeControlCannot move/attack/cast abilities/regen energy
Mental DecayDebuffWhen anyone takes damage inthe battlefield you take 10% of that damage
Gloom RemedyDebuffAll healing converted into damage
InfightingControlCannot attack/cast abilities
MitigateShieldReduces the loss of an attribute/stat
PoisonDebuffContinuous Magical Damage over Time (DoT)
PurifyDispelDispel buffs or debuffs or control effects
ShieldShieldInflict damage on attacker
SilenceControlCannot cast abilities or regen energy
StunControlCannot move/attack/cast abilities/regen energy
SuffocateDebuffContinuous Physical Damage over Time (DoT)
TransferDebuffAttribute, damage or stat is transferred.
WoundDebuffCannot recieve healing
HealingHealingRecovers HP and Troops
HoTHealingHealing over Time effect. Recovers HP and Troops continuously over time.

Effect types / mechanics

BuffBlueDirectly Increases an attribute/stat/damage/defense. E.g. an Absorb Shield or a Grace effect
DispelAn ability that either removes buffs, debuffs or control effects
HealingGreenRecovers the HP and Troop count of the target. Can be in one recovery hit or over time as a buff/hot effect
ControlPurpleInflucts a control effect that cause e.g. enemy to be unable to attack/cast/recover energy
DebuffPurple/RedInflicts a negative effect or a damage effect on the target. E.g. reducing attributes/damage/energy regen or causing damage over time. Can also be unique effects such as wounds or transfer.

Published: 24-02-2023