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Everything about Energy Regen in Combat

Player Guide: Enhancing Energy Regeneration in Infinity Kingdom

Energy regeneration is a critical mechanic in Infinity Kingdom, influencing the frequency with which immortals can unleash their ultimate skills. Each immortal has a base energy regeneration rate that contributes to how quickly they can reach the required 1000 energy points to activate their ultimate ability. This guide explores various strategies to maximize energy regeneration, thereby increasing your team’s effectiveness in battle through faster skill deployment.

Understanding Energy Regeneration

Key Concepts:

  • Base Energy Regeneration: This is the innate rate at which an immortal gains energy per second during battle.
  • Activation Threshold: Immortals need 1000 energy points to activate their ultimate skills.

Methods to Boost Energy Regeneration

Boosting your immortals’ energy regeneration can significantly impact their performance by enabling more frequent use of powerful ultimate skills. Here are several ways to enhance energy regeneration:

Lord Talents:

  • Opt for talents like “Owl Guardian” to increase an immortal’s energy regeneration speed by 5%.

    Academy Research:

    • Invest in specific research paths within the Academy that boost energy regeneration rates.

    Immortal Skills:

    • Some immortals come equipped with skills that enhance their energy regeneration or provide additional energy under certain conditions.


    • Look for artifacts that carry the “Surge” attribute, which increases energy regeneration.

    Tower of Knowledge Skills:

    Skills like Rage Blessing and Battle Stance provide temporary boosts to energy regeneration, which can be pivotal during the initial phases of combat or in prolonged battles.

    Moreover, Energy Burst and Adrenaline Rush provide energy regen upon trigger activation.

      Tactical Application

      Selecting the right immortals and effectively utilizing energy regeneration strategies can lead to quicker skill activations, which is crucial for maintaining battlefield control and executing timely heals and attacks. For example, pairing immortals with high natural energy regeneration with skills and artifacts that boost this further can create a formidable force capable of frequent ultimate skill use.

      Countering Energy Regeneration

      To excel in PvP and maintain a competitive edge, understanding how to counter high energy regeneration setups is crucial:

      Energy Suppression: Skills like “Energy Suppression” can halve an opponent’s energy regeneration speed, significantly delaying their ability to use ultimate skills.

        Silence Effects: Utilizing skills that silence, auch as Attila’s ultimate or No Escape TOK skill can prevent opponents from using their skills, effectively stalling their strategy.

        Control Effects: Employing stuns, roots, and similar effects disrupts enemy actions, including their energy regeneration processes.

        Enhancing Dodge: Increasing your immortals’ dodge rate through skills such as “Misleading” or “After-image” can reduce the effective hits received, thus indirectly affecting the enemy’s energy gain from successful attacks. Beware though that dodge tactics are easily countered with accuracy boosts like Coercion and Dragon Talents. Moreover, while dodging is extreemly powerful against physical damage dealers, it carries no value at all versus magical damage.

          Final Thoughts

          Mastering energy regeneration and its counters isn’t just about enhancing your own team’s abilities—it’s also about strategically impairing your opponent’s capabilities. By integrating these insights into your gameplay, you can ensure that your immortals not only perform optimally but also adapt to counter high-energy regeneration strategies effectively. Stay updated with each meta shift and adjust your tactics to maintain dominance on the battlefield.

          Published: 28-05-2024