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Battle Reports: Understanding Damage Dealt

Battle Reports: Understanding Damage Dealt

It is incredibly important to be able to read and understand battle reports and the implications of the information you are given here. There is quite a lot of information to be had from battle reports on the damage dealt by your Immortals in your army as well as the damage taken, types of damage, critical hits, buffs, control and much more.

In this guide we are going to dive into Damage Dealt. That means the damage that your Immortals is dealing to the enemy during the combat. As such, we are going to investigate:

(1) The sources of damage from each of your Immortals and your Tower of Knowledge skills, and
(2) hits, critical hits and dodges.

This guide turned out to be much too long for a single article, as such you can select the above two sub topics to read more about damage sources and understanding hits, crits and dodges.

The following will instead provide you the necessary information to be able to read along and understand where we are getting this information from and what it means.

Basics of Damage in battle reports

Opening up a battle report you will see a variety of different information with damage listed in a few different ways. Firstly, you have the damage output of all your Immortals summarizing all types of damage dealt by each Immortal for the totality of the combat encounter. This information is found on the left and displayed in red bars for each immortal and dragon.

Secondly, you can open up a more detailed description of each Immortal’s damage output by selecting set Immortal. Click the Immortal on the left and you will instantly see the information table for this specific Immortal during the fight.

Note that you can also select your enemy in a battle report, by switching to the report on the enemy’s army, you are able to see the same information about the opponent as you can see about your own troops and immortals. This is very useful in understanding what is happening to and by you during the fight.

As you have a specific Immortal selected you will see different types of damage. These are sources by Normal attacks, ultimate abilities and from the Tower of Knowledge skills that you have equipped on set Immortal. For much more information about these sources of damage I refer you to the guide on damage sources – link is above.

In future guides we will dive into other aspects of battle reports such as damage taken, control, buffs and much more. We are also going to be doing some specific guides on niche information like seeing Life-Link damage and dive further into the implications of the damage you deal, for instance: When is a Critical Damage artifact bonus better than a Spell Damage bonus roll on your artifacts? Stay tuned!

Published: 12-05-2023