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City / CoR Relic siege movements

Attacking cities in Norheim and in Legion of Frostborne gives you Bloody Rage debuff, leaving you unable to move again for 10 min. You do not want to wait out this debuff before moving to the next city when you are sieging relics in CoR of quickly capturing objectives in Legion of Frostborn, the last thing you want to do is sitting still waiting for debuffs to come off before you move to the next objective!

  1. Begin relocation to the next objective
  2. Siege the city
  3. Complete relocation
  4. Siege the city IF this is the last objective, otherwise wait the relo cooldown here.
  5. Repeat.

Other relevant knowledge for siege movements

Dont be like these guys, leaving spaces everywhere and parking your city in rediculess ways, means longer marchtimes, slower sieges and much largers strain on the few who got a space within reasonable range.

How to siege a city – the right way

I shall not spend a lot of time on this, as there is really only two things you need to do.

  1. Set your siege schematic right
  2. Adjust your talents if you are doing a difficult siege

Siege Schematics

(A) Norheim Cities – CoR Relics – SvS Cities

These are 4×4 making it easy mode to position.

(B) Norheim Capitals – CoR World Heart – SvS Ymir

These are 5×5, an odd number for our 2×2 castles.
Beware! Don’t just park next to it without thinking first, otherwise you end up with gaps.

Remember talents

You obviously want military talents increasing your fighting power when you are sieging a difficult city – oh and remember them buffs!

Important talents are: Ruin, Survival Methods and Shock

Published: 02-09-2022