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Attributes and stats explained

There are many different attributes and stats in Infinity Kingdom. Some of them are selfexplanatory and some of them are very difficult to figure out. In this short page I will try not to over-explain these attributes and instead just give short accurate description of what effects each one has.

Please read my guide on debuffs and buffs for info on these mechanics, and read the guide on how damage calculations and mitigations work on its’ seperate page.

Every Immortal has its’ own base-value for each of the main stats and sub attributes.

Physical AttackIncreases Physical Damage dealt
Physical DefenseDecreases Physical Damage taken
CritIncreases chance to crit on hit
DodgeDecreases the chance of being hit
Magic AttackIncreases Magic Damage dealt
Magic DefenseDecreases Magic Damage taken
AccuracyIncreases the chance to hit with Physical Attacks (incl. normal attack)
ResilienceDecreases the chance to suffer a crit
AptitudeAptitute itself increases the bonus given when he/she is assigned a role in the castle
Magical PenetrationIncreases Magic Damage dealt relative to Magic Protection
Magical ProtectionDecreases Magic Damage taken relative to Magic Penetration

It appears that Magic Penetration and Magical Protection on the surface is quite similar to the Intelligence stats Magic Attack and Magic Defense – they behave in a similar facion, yet first look at how the stats interact with damage taken leads me to believe these stats are more intertwined then the old Int stats. So Magic Penetration may provide baseline increased Magic Damage across the board, but it’s stat value seem positively related to Magical Protection, i.e. it’s effect is enhanced against enemies with higher Magical Protection.

How to improve an Immortals Main Stats?

You can enhance main stats by:

  1. Level up your Immortal (see guide here)
  2. Upgrading your Immortal Boost (see guide here)
  3. Developting/Upgrading Stars (see guide here)
  4. Equip better items / gear (see guide here)

Published: 06-02-2022