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Earn Justice Points & Enchant stones

Every titantula spider event you have a total of 10 free attacks over the course of the entire day. Moreover, you are able to purchase an additional 10 attacks costing you 500 gems.

The spider will spawn 6 times during the day of the event. Starting at in-game reset time and then every 4 hours onwards.

This means that you have a limited amount of attack available to reap maximum rewards. Therefore you must think carefully before you engage a spider. If you use a bunch of attacks and the spider doesn’t die, you will not get any damage ranking bonus from this spider! Only killed spiders reward the participating players with a bonus.

When you fight the spider earn both Justice Points and Enchant stone. Justice points are the primary objective of this event and is what is used to compete for event ranking (and awesome rewards) as well as to earn the event participation rewards.

In addition to justice points, you also earn a lot of Enchant stones by participating in the spider event. These are used to upgrade equipment for your Immortals.

Earn Justice Points and Enchant stones

You get a lot out of a single attack on the spider. Moreover, you should always use your attacks to reach a top 10 ranking on the spider. I usually do 3 or 4 spider a day and simply make sure I am within the top 10 on the kill, then try and snipe with a late attack.

You should always try and get the last hit. Beware, that you must remain top 10 for the kill, but once that is secured, you should try and hit the killing blow. Be slow with it, it is better to miss your hit because someone else got the kill than to use an attack on a spider where you would have ranked top 10 anyway. The attack is refunded if you hit after the spider is dead.

Only exception to this, is if you are in close competition with someone and can see you will likely end on the same number of ranking points (event ranking). Then you want to hit quickly and get the point cap you both will reach – you want to do this, because if two players are tied in points, the player who got the points first wins.

Rewards from attacks on spider are as follow.

AttackJustice PointsEnchant Stones
Single attack1,250 (cap)24,100
Killing Blow9,000134,400
Top 10 damage placement
(on any of the spiders of the day)

Published: 06-04-2022