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What is Tarantula spider?

Every titantula spider event you have a total of 10 free attacks over the course of the entire day. Moreover, you are able to purchase an additional 10 attacks costing you 500 gems.

The spider will spawn 6 times during the day of the event. Starting at in-game reset time and then every 4 hours onwards.

Note that the first one spawn at midnight from tuesday to wednesday / saturday to sunday. Thus spider begin at reset, and does not end at reset. There is no spider about to spawn tuesday 23.59.

Basic participation rewards

Participating in this event rewards you with point for each hit made. The amount of points given is scaled comparatively to the damage that you deal. However, the points are capped pretty low, at 1250 points as the maximum reward per attack.

You need around 0.5% dmg to reach this cap – doable for anyone f2p and p2p alike!

The event has a reward bonus bar. This bar is where you can see the amount of justice points you need to earn basic participation rewards.

2000 pointsCommon Dragon Key1 hour training speed
4000 pointsUncommon Dragon Key2 hour heal speed
6000 pointsUncommon Dragon Key2 hour research speed
8000 pointsRare Dragon Key2 hour dragon speed
10000 pointsElite Dragon Key2 hour building speed

In addition to these basic rewards, the spider event offer you a ranking competition where you can earn awesome rewards! Read more.

How do you get Justice points you ask? You get them by attacking the spider ofc! Read more.

Published: 06-04-2022