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How to beat Venom

Infinity Kingdom Guide: Conquering the Time Rift Breaker Boss – Venom

Understanding Venom’s Tactics:

Venom, the Time Rift Breaker Boss, poses a significant threat with frequent Magical Damage to all enemies. Additionally, his Dark Harvest ability inflicts massive damage once your Immortal accumulates 2 stacks of Venom.

To maximize your success against Venom, you must carefully plan your strategy and capitalize on his weaknesses.

Exploiting Weaknesses:

Venom is particularly vulnerable to Holy, Lightning, and Fire damage. While Holy and Lightning perform admirably, Fire can lack sustain and succumb quickly to continuous damage.

If opting for a Fire-based strategy, ensure sustainability to withstand Venom’s onslaught. Remember, exploiting weaknesses is beneficial, but a robust overall build is crucial for success.

Optimal Team Compositions:

While exploiting weaknesses is advantageous, certain builds prioritize immense single-target damage over weaknesses.

Consider a lineup like Khubilai-Alex-Qin-Zeno for exceptional results, relying on Alex’s potent single-target damage.

Incorporating Control Strategies:

Controlling Venom is paramount for achieving high scores. Stuns and confusion are particularly effective.

Utilize Immortals with Instigation or Loki (for advanced players) for powerful control. Stuns grant additional fighting time and interrupt abilities, while confusion prevents the boss from hitting your Immortals, reducing damage to zero.

Essential Tips for Venom Showdown:

  1. High Energy Regeneration: Equip Immortals like Hippolytta and Khubilai Khan with high energy regen to enhance offensive capabilities.
  2. Strategic Skill Usage: Employ combo and single-target damage skills on physical damage-dealing frontliners for maximum impact.
  3. Defensive Maneuvers: Prioritize defensive skills like Berserk, Resist, and healing abilities to maintain troop count and stabilize damage output.
  4. Utilize Instigation: Incorporate Instigation for crucial confuse procs, significantly impacting the damage dealt to Venom.
  5. Embrace Weakness: Always exploit Venom’s weakness. Use Weakness for a consistent high crit rate, enhancing each hit’s value. Blessing of War is essential for maximizing initial damage when troop counts are high.

Here are my most recent builds. Like I said, I am always changing these and I will likely not use Blessing of Defense on my next run at Venom, since it seems low value against a boss that deals continuous damage like Venom. However, most of what I have going here seems to work pretty well.

Boss killer – Khubilai & Alex: 249.2M damage

Holy – Venom’s weakness: 97.5M damage

Fire – an attempt to defend long enough for Hippo & Wu damage: 50.1M damage

Check out my build guides for more boss killing builds.

Life Link?

  • Life-link + Absolute Defense: This combination, effective against other bosses, may not be optimal for Venom. Experiment with alternative defensive strategies tailored to Venom’s distinct threats.

In conclusion, understanding Venom’s mechanics and tailoring your strategy accordingly is key to achieving success in the Time Rift. Experiment with different builds, prioritize control, and exploit weaknesses to dominate the encounter with Venom. Good luck, Commanders!

Published: 14-11-2023