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Time Rift Breakers – complete guide

Mastering Infinity Kingdom’s Rift Breaker Bosses: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome, Commanders! In the relentless pursuit through the Time Rift, facing the formidable Rift Breaker Bosses is a challenge that demands strategic prowess.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the intricacies of three notorious bosses – Vampirism, Amplify, and Venom. Each boss presents unique challenges and requires distinct strategies for victory. Let’s dive into the details and arm you with the knowledge to conquer these powerful adversaries.

1. Vampirism: Balancing Act of Damage

Vampirism brings a unique challenge, balancing continuous and burst damage. Pay-to-play skills and high power are essential for success, making it the trickiest of the three bosses.

Key Mechanics:

  • Active Skill: Super Spiderweb inflicts massive Magical Damage while absorbing health.
  • Passive Skill: Counterattack poses a threat, gaining energy with each hit and unleashing Torment at 300 energy.


  • Weaknesses: Exploit Shadow, Lightning, and Wind for an added 25% damage.
  • Control: Stuns, roots, and confusion effects can work, but luck plays a significant role.
  • Build Recommendations: Adjust builds for high energy regen, single-target damage, and defensive capabilities.

Vampirism demands a careful balance between offense and defense. High-level holy setups with energy shield prove most effective.

Read the full guide including my builds for Vampirism here or watch the video below.

2. Amplify: Unleashing Colossal Physical Blows

Amplify opts for massive physical damage, focusing on your front-left tanking Immortal. Understanding his mechanics is crucial for success.

Key Mechanics:

  • Energy Skill: Furious Bite deals substantial damage with a 20% increase per active buff.
  • Threat: Crush activates after specific conditions, posing a severe threat.


  • Weaknesses: Vulnerable to Fire, Water, and Earth damage.
  • Control: Surprisingly immune to control effects, making Loki builds less effective.

Proven Strategies:

  • High Energy Regen: Equip Immortals with high energy regen.
  • Single Target Damage: Optimize physical damage-dealing frontliners with combo and single-target skills.
  • Defensive Maneuvers: Prioritize defensives like Absolute Defense and Life-Link.

Amplify requires a strategic approach balancing offense and defense. Adapt your build to counter the boss’s mechanics, exploit weaknesses, and lead your Immortals to victory.

Read the full guide including my builds for Amplify here or watch the video below.

3. Venom: Mastering Continuous Magical Assault

Venom poses a threat with frequent magical damage and a powerful Dark Harvest ability. Understanding weaknesses and control is key to victory.

Key Mechanics:

  • Threat: Frequent Magical Damage with a powerful Dark Harvest ability.
  • Weaknesses: Vulnerable to Holy, Lightning, and Fire damage.


  • Optimal Team Compositions: Consider single-target damage with a lineup like Khubilai-Alex-Qin-Zeno.
  • Control Tactics: Stuns and confusion are effective, utilize Immortals with Instigation or Loki for control.

Essential Tips:

  • High Energy Regeneration: Equip Immortals for enhanced offensive capabilities.
  • Strategic Skill Usage: Utilize combo and single-target skills for maximum impact.
  • Defensive Maneuvers: Prioritize defensive skills like Berserk, Resist, and healing abilities.

Venom demands a nuanced strategy, balancing weaknesses, and control. Experiment with different builds to dominate the encounter with Venom.

Read the full guide including my builds for Amplify here or watch the video below.

Armed with the knowledge of Vampirism’s balance, Amplify’s physical onslaught, and Venom’s continuous magical assault, you are now equipped to face the Rift Breaker Bosses in Infinity Kingdom. Adapt your strategies, experiment with builds, and lead your Immortals to triumph. May your hits be colossal, Commanders! Good luck in the Time Rift!

Published: 05-12-2023