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Gameplay and Builds (week 2)

Greetings, fellow commanders! As the first week of the Time Rift Breaker event in Infinity Kingdom comes to a close, it’s time to delve into the intricacies of this exciting weekly event. Join us as we explore the event’s rules, optimal team compositions, coveted rewards, and strategies for success.

Crafting the ideal team composition is crucial for achieving victory in the Time Rift Breaker event. We’ll assume access to all free Immortals and King of the Hill Immortals for our examples. However, if you lack specific Immortals, don’t fret – experimentation can lead to effective substitutes. Additionally, perusing the damage rankings and observing other players’ choices can offer valuable insights.

Checkout my video for build compositions as well as the boss-build section here on the wiki.

Notably, rare single-target skills may outperform epic skills in certain scenarios. For instance, consider using skills like Root and Poison Thorn for Hammurabi, as they prove more effective than Annihilation and Death Breath. While Immortals can only be used once per battle, skill changes can be made as frequently as desired. To streamline the process, it’s advisable to have multiple formation presets, sparing diligent players from constant skill adjustments.

There are three distinct types of Rift Breakers to contend with: Venom, Vampirism, and Amplify. Each presents unique challenges and demands tailored team compositions: This week is Venom Rift Breaker.

  • Venom Rift Breaker: Inflicts magical continuous damage and is weak against Holy, Lightning, and Fire elements. An example team might feature Hippolyta, William, Empress Wu, and Hammurabi, focusing on single-target damage and exploiting the Rift Breaker’s elemental vulnerabilities.
  • Vampirism Rift Breaker: Deals magical damage while healing itself and is susceptible to Shadow, Wind, and Lightning. An effective lineup could consist of Hannibal Barca, Alexander, Hammurabi, and Qin, capitalizing on synergies despite Alexander’s elemental mismatch.
  • Amplify Rift Breaker: Unleashes buffed physical damage and is vulnerable to Water, Earth, and Fire elements. A well-rounded team may include Hippolyta, Alexander, Yoshitsune, and Empress Wu, benefiting from elemental strengths and prioritizing single-target damage.

Published: 30-09-2023