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Event Ranking Rewards (2x week!)

The Titantula Spider event is amazing if you know how to take full advantage. By building a solid team and consistently tanking in this event, you can boost your power significantly and save / supplement your spending a lot.

The event occur twice a week on wednesday and sunday at fixed times. So setup your team, set the alarm on your phone and reap awesome rewards! This articles goes over the ranking part of the spider event, if you need info on the basic participation rewards, you can find them here.


RankGemsPhilosopher StonesUniversal speedup
1500539 hours
2350425 hours
3250317 hours
4-10150210 hours
11-5010016 hours
51-1005014.5 hours
101-100000002.5 hours

You should always try and get the last hit. Beware, that you must remain top 10 for the kill, but once that is secured, you should try and hit the killing blow. Be slow with it, it is better to miss your hit because someone else got the kill than to use an attack on a spider where you would have ranked top 10 anyway. The attack is refunded if you hit after the spider is dead.

Only exception to this, is if you are in close competition with someone and can see you will likely end on the same number of ranking points (event ranking). Then you want to hit quickly and get the point cap you both will reach – you want to do this, because if two players are tied in points, the player who got the points first wins.

Read my guides for info on how to setup your march right so you consistenly compete for the no. 1 ranking, e.g. my guide for killing blow tips n tricks.

Rewards from attacks on spider are as follow.

AttackJustice PointsEnchant Stones
Single attack1,250 (cap)24,100
Killing Blow9,000134,400
Top 10 damage placement
(on any of the spiders of the day)

Tips n tricks

Getting killing blows require some finess and a good bit of luck.

You need to make yourself a march that deals around 1% in damage, reliably. See my guides on marches.

When the spider is active, you need to watch carefully who in your server turns up, watch the damage meter and how much power the attendees have. Based on this you can aproximate their damage dealt per hit and count down to the killing blow.

I usually use the last 30% to take note of the attacks. I move quickly from each of the three spider spawns and simply count attacks landing on the spider (take note if high power people are idle untill last min you wanna adjust accordingly). When the spider have droppedn from 30% to 20% I note how many attacks were made – e.g. let’s say 15. If from 20% to 10% takes 13 hits, I will then make sure that my last attack is made as the 13th attack move towards the spider.

If powerful people are at spider trying to snipe it, I will subtract a chunck of hits and go when I have seen 10 armies marching.

Published: 06-04-2022