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How to beat Amplify

Mastering the Challenge: A Guide to Dominating the Time Rift Breaker Boss – Amplify

Greetings, valiant commanders! In our relentless pursuit through the Time Rift, today’s focus is on the fearsome adversary known as Amplify. Unlike the previous boss, Venom, who showered us with continuous magical damage, Amplify opts for a different approach—delivering colossal physical blows in a few decisive strikes. In this guide, we’ll unravel the intricacies of Amplify’s tactics, weaknesses, and share strategies to maximize your damage potential.

Amplify’s Mechanics:

Amplify specializes in dealing massive physical damage, primarily targeting your front-left tanking Immortal. His energy skill, Furious Bite, inflicts substantial damage, but the real threat lies in its 20% damage increase per active buff, potentially doubling the damage output. Furthermore, Furious Bite may trigger Crush, an immensely powerful ability activated after specific conditions are met, posing a severe threat to your Immortals.

Weakness Exploitation:

Amplify is susceptible to Fire, Water, and Earth damage, offering a 25% damage boost when exploiting weaknesses. While weaknesses play a crucial role, the deciding factor for success lies in adapting your strategy to counter the boss’s mechanics effectively. Fire builds are particularly advantageous against Amplify, making Alexander Khubilai and Hippolytta a potent combination.

Control Tactics:

In a surprising turn of events, control strategies are rendered ineffective against Amplify. The boss seems entirely immune to control effects, making Loki builds less effective this week. Remove instigation, root, and similar effects from your builds, and focus on alternative strategies.

Proven Strategies for Amplify Showdown:

  1. High Energy Regeneration: Equip Immortals like Hippolytta and Khubilai Khan with high energy regeneration to enhance offensive capabilities.
  1. Utilize Single Target Damage Skills: Optimize your physical damage-dealing frontliners with combo and other single-target damage skills for maximum impact.
  1. Exploit Weakness Crits: Always leverage weakness to gain a consistent high crit rate, amplifying the effectiveness of each hit.
  1. Strategic Defensives: Deploy Hippolytta to hard counter Amplify’s energy and attack speed. If Hippolytta isn’t in your setup, prioritize Absolute Defense and Life-Link on your tank to withstand the boss’s burst damage.
  1. Dodge Rate Strategies: Given Amplify’s physical damage focus, incorporate dodge rate to mitigate his abilities. Misleading and a Manco UA can grant substantial dodge chances, significantly reducing incoming damage.

Customizing Your Build:

While there are numerous effective builds against Amplify, certain fundamentals remain crucial:

  • Prioritize Hippolytta for energy control.
  • Utilize Absolute Defense and Life-Link for tank survivability.
  • Maximize dodge rate for additional defense.
  • Experiment with damage boons and skills for increased damage output.

My three different builds for this week (work in progress)

I do not have too many Immortals to choose from – no Mathilda or Ragnar for this week – but here is what I’m running. My holy is performing terribly this week without any advantage and an overkil on AOE survivability and low single-target damage. This setup could do better as most anything else to be honest. But it’s what I have!

Fire and Earth-Khubilai did very well this week.

Earth Khubilai: 182.6M – 219M

Fire w Yoshi: 88.4M – 111.7M

Holy w. Herald: 32.3M – 57.5M

There was a lot of big fluctuations in performance this week, mainly because of how this boss operates mechanically. He deals massive damage in bursts, meaning just a few good or bad luck’s on your Absolute Defense + Life-Link setup can make a massive difference.

Likewise, if you get lucky with your dodges and get them on Crush you can stay alive for a long time! These RNG elements are profound this week. Last week had control as the RNG element, this week has Dodge and Life-Link+AD as the main defining RNG factor.

In conclusion, Amplify demands a strategic approach that balances offense and defense. Adapt your build to counter the boss’s mechanics, exploit weaknesses, and lead your Immortals to victory. May your strategies be sound, and your hits be colossal, commanders!

Published: 18-11-2023