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Fire w Khan

This guide is part of my article series on Prime League Illusion Builds. At the time of writing we are now halfway through Prime League pre-league periode. Over the last 5 weeks I have tried a ton of different marches on multiple accounts and I thought it would be a good time to take the temperature on Prime League builds here halfway through. Therefore, this guide is part of a short series on the strongest builds so far in Prime League! 

This build is made for: Work very well in all rounds of the pre-league so far 1-5.

This build is fire with Khan, we rely on Khans “wounds” debuff coupled with decent damage (making him stronger than Qin). Moreover, with the removal of tech and VIP boosts, our crit in prime league is simply too low to resonably run chase on most setups – but not on fire! Fire has increased crit from multiple sources, most noticably, tossing Fighting Master on William makes him a crit-buff machine.


Empress Wu: Annihilation + Chase + Fire Nova

Khan: Absolute Defense + Assist + Adrenaline Rush

Hippolytta: Death Breath + Burst + Weakness

William I: Malice + Fighting Master + Oaken Guard

Strengths and weaknesses

This setup will kill anything. I mean anything! With the high damage nuke it eats through slow-sustain and no-sustain setups quickly. I have yet to meet anyone able to kill this setup, and most of the times it can eat through multiple garrisoned main marches without issue (especially wind, earth and water).

In conclusion, the strongest march in Prime League and my personal favorite so far!

Published: 26-05-2022