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Fire-Water Hybrid for round 3 (season 5)

Player Guide: Fire-Water Hybrid Build for Season 5 Round 3 of Illusion Battlefield

In Season 5 of Illusion Battlefield, the meta is evolving, and while fire builds dominate due to their incredible burst potential and powerful dragon abilities, there’s room to innovate with hybrid strategies. This guide presents a fire-water hybrid build designed to leverage the strengths of both elements, creating a versatile and potent formation capable of tackling the prevalent fire setups as well as other elemental compositions.

Strategic Overview

The chosen build combines the high damage output of fire with the control and tactical advantages of water. This fire-water hybrid is particularly effective in dealing with the standard fire builds common in the meta while maintaining competitiveness against diverse elemental setups.

Dragon Choice

  • Primary Dragon: Fire Dragon for its unmatched damage output, which is crucial in swiftly decimating enemy formations.
  • Alternative Option: Water Dragon for enhanced control and healing, supporting a secondary strategy with fire offensive capabilities.

Immortal Composition

Merlin (Water) – Acts as the primary damage dealer with the highest base damage rate among immortals. His elemental advantage against fire makes him exceptionally effective in this meta.

Attila (Water) – Serves as a formidable frontline presence. His ability to silence enemies can decisively tilt skirmishes in your favor, disrupting enemy strategies and enhancing your formation’s damage potential.

Yoshi (Water) – While primarily a support unit in this setup, Yoshi contributes additional damage and rounds out the elemental diversity, enhancing overall team synergy.

Hippolyta (Fire) – Key for her ability to disrupt enemy energy regeneration, which is pivotal in gaining and maintaining the upper hand in ultimate ability exchanges.

    Skill Loadout

    • Attila: Equipped with Malice, Rage Blessing, and Fighting Will, balancing damage output with enemy control.
    • Hippolyta: Utilizes Weakness, Resist, and Energy Suppression, focusing on enhancing team critical rates and reducing incoming magical damage while crippling enemy energy regen.
    • Yoshi: Features Assist, Oaken Guard, and Misleading, providing defensive buffs and increasing dodge chances, crucial for protecting key immortals like Merlin.
    • Merlin: Outfitted with Concentration, Annihilation, and Death Breath, maximizing his damage potential to exploit his role as the primary aggressor in the team.

    Tactical Considerations

    This setup is designed to strike a balance between offensive firepower and defensive resilience. The strategy revolves around Merlin’s ability to output massive damage amplified by the skill synergies within the team, while Attila and Hippolyta manage the frontline and control the pace of the battle. Yoshi’s role, though more subtle, is vital in enhancing the team’s durability and effectiveness in prolonged engagements.


    This fire-water hybrid build offers a robust framework for competing in the current meta of Illusion Battlefield. It is adaptable and potent against a variety of enemy compositions, providing a reliable baseline setup. Experimentation and minor adjustments may be necessary to tailor the build to specific encounters or to respond to evolving strategies throughout the season. As always, staying flexible and responsive to the meta’s shifts will be key to dominating the battlefield.

    Published: 28-05-2024