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Wind Hydrid – with Zeno & Alex

This guide is part of my article series on Prime League Illusion Builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the main Prime League page. Be ware that the builds are done in different weeks and thus with different amounts of Violets to upgrade passives. 

You can always choose a build from an earlier round and upgrade it further. They are all still viable, simply keep the upgrade path going I have shown.

This build is made for: Round 2 of Pre-league

This article is on wind-earth hybrid with a focus on Alex and Hannibal. This means we are abusing the fact that both Alex and Hannibal deal surreal amounts of physical damage. Moreover, they are both quick attackers reliant on normal attack damage output, why Zeno and wind dragon are hugely important. 

Lastly, we attack speed (which both Alex and Hannibal Barca scales VERY well from) from Emperor Qin. On top of that, we have Qin debuffing the enemy with Wounds!


Zeno: Blessing of defense + Oaken Guard + Malice

Emperor Qin: Blessing of Speed + Blessing of War + Coercion

Hannibal Barca: Fighting Master + Weakness + Cleave

Alexander: Death Breath + Berserk + Anger

Strengths and weaknesses

This setup is built around Alex and Hannibal. We are not even running assist to protect a backliner, because they dont matter much on troop count, we just need Qin and Zeno to buff and boost our frontline damage dealers. With the high stacked attack speed, wind dragon, Zeno and Berserk will provide high amounts of sustaining power and with Master on Hannibal both our frontlines are immune to control.

This is a VERY strong build. One of my absolute favorites and the one I personally will be using for round 2 of Prime League. In round 1 this build was only beaten by one type of Khan lightning, which was able to negate the sustain and out dps it.

In conclusion, a strong solid march that will kill most everything.

Published: 29-04-2022