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Wind – Solid all-round

This guide is part of my article series on Prime League Illusion Builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the main Prime League page.

This build is made for: Beginning of Pre-league

This article is on win built to take advantage of the higher-than-average stats of the wind march. This means we are building a solid march with some strong defence abilities balanced out with raw damage output.

This build has high magic damage from baldwin where we take advantage of the fact that wisdom and nova’s scale much better on low levels. We Support with defense passives and cleave attackspeed buff from Qin. Qin also lets us enjoy wounds debuff on our enemy making Zeno useless and defensive shelter-marches useless.

Hannibal Barca is a VERY strong physical dps, especially in the lower levels as his native ability scales extreemly well. He is boosted with many of our talent points and we take advantage of the great scaling of Garrote and the synergy with his phys boost.

King Arthur may be the most controversial thing here, but it is quite simple: Saladin is squishy and deals very littel damage when run with utility passives (and we need those!). Arthur on the other hand, perform extreemly well with utility passives and in these lower level fights in pre-league, we can really get to enjoy reflecting the damage dealt to us back to the enemy. As we max out loadouts later in the league season (and in the playoffs) I would switch.


Emperor Qin: Malice + Assist + Oaken Guard

Baldwin IV: Wisdom + Fire Nova + Toxic Nova

Hannibal Barca: Fighting Master + Anger + Garrote/Chaotic Blade

King Arthur: Weakness + Speed Blessing + Blessing of War

Strengths and weaknesses

All in all, wind is a very strong baseline march with higher stats than anything else (dragon is simply stronger than the other elements). It is a solid all-round march that wins by being simply a littel bit ahead from the beginning and then slowly building on the advantage.

If you are able to match Arthur against earth team’s Alexander the Great, you should do pretty well even against earth with this setup. It will absolutely destroy anything lightning, and perform quite well against anything else.

It has one main weakness: Bursty fire teams. Playing wind versus fire is never fun! In pre-league we do not have access to strong crit-mitigation and with this loadout we don’t even have resist or defense blessing on much less any real healing or shielding to protect us from the nuke bursts that proper fire marches can make. You will have a hard time against someone running an offensive fire march.

In conclusion, a strong solid beginner march to start out any league.

Published: 20-04-2022