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Water – Mage nuke & Control

This guide is part of my article series on Prime League Illusion Builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the main Prime League page.

This build is made for: Beginning of Pre-league

This article is on water with a Baldwin to boost Merlins output. It focuses on magic damage and boosting the AOE damage nuke of Merlin to the absolute max. The idea is simple, Merlin’s native spell damage output is simply insanely high compared to other Immortals, we abuse this by running Baldwin to debuff the enemy (to take 30% more magic damage).

We run a lot of blessings and time buffs because we want to take advantage of our superior control and sustainability in short battles. We have our blessings, and the water dragon is maxed meaning the freeze and the heal very strong in these early stages. Basically, healing, short time buffs and assist will keep your backline topped healthy and happy. 

You are the mater of control! This setup has Freeze and Atilla to control your enemy. Moreover, if you want to focus on control you can use the most underrated passive in the game – Root.


Merlin: Fire Nove / Root + Concentration + Wisdom

Baldwin: Adrenaline Rush + Toxic Nova + Annihilation

Herald: Assist + Oaken Guard + Blessing of Defense

Atilla: Fighting Master + Chaotic Blade/Garrote + Energy suppression

Strengths and weaknesses

The concept of this setup is to take advantage of the very powerful dragon skills of water and the superb Immortal skills of water Immortals. With passives being very low level, we need to rely on strong Immortals over strong scaling. There will be a lot of people running fire since fire is the only elemental march that can reliably run Chase. Water will hardcounter this.

Moreover, Genghis Khan and Emperor Qin are normally used as hard counters to the insanely strong heal of the water dragon – but not in Prime league! With no tech boosts, the energy regen of Khan and Qin is way too low to consistently hit wounds debuff before dragon heal hits making your water dragon veeeeery strong!

This march will be highly competitive against anything out there, besides earth. Earth will likely still clap it. I expect this build to eat through anything other than earth, making it a very important build to have in a rally – think combination with lightning to kill of the earth team while your water deals with the rest.

In conclusion, a strong solid march to start out any league.

Published: 22-04-2022