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What is Prime League how does it work?

New with patch 2.0 we have Illusion Battlefield style tournaments aka. Illusion Battle Prime League.

What is IB Prime League?

It is a free-to-play game inside the IK universe. The battles are styles same as Illusion battles, but there are key differences

  1. This is a tournament style format. Meaning you have rounds to gather ranking and must fight to progress into the playoffs.
  2. This is a free-to-play friendly event where EVERYONE has the same pre-defined set of Immortals, dragons, and passive skills to choose from and build any march out of what is provided.
  3. No boosts. No more playing against solo-alliance servers with all buffs active or trying to rally down a whale with VIP 15 bonuses. No boosts from Alliance Tech, Alliance Terriroty, Academy Research, Lord Talents, Nobility, Well of Time, Official posts, castle skins, VIP level or building level counts. In other words, NO BOOSTS. Only thing you have access to is buffs, which you want to have on for the battle same as always.
  4. Slowly increase the strength of your march. We upgrade passives using Violet of the Void. We get 50 x Violet Void currency every week during Prime League, meaning for the first battle, we have just 50 to spend!

Check your calendar for the Prime League tab where you find info on the game as well as the schedule for battles coming up.

How does it work?

  • You register for the battle same as with ‘real’ IB. You need to talk to your officers or alliance leader.
  • You must set your teams and build them out inside the Prime League framework. Since you will not be fighting with your real Immortals or armies, you must build (theorycraft) a march for this specific game content. See below.
  • The battles work same as any other IB. Specialization talents, troops allocation (provided free). You must also heal your troops in battle, meaning there will be an advantage for those with many speedups (small P2W advantage). You can speed marches moving to or from a location and you can instant recall. Costs are the same as ourside Prime League.

Create your marches / setups!

You MUST create your armies yourself. You cannot use your real marches and have to lock in your Prime League marches before battle phase begin.

Click on the Prime League Tab –> Go to Top left –> Set formation –> Set Immortal passives.

Remember that you can set four marches. In Pre-league (beginning of Prime League) no one has very strong marches since we are limited to upgrading only a new ranks on our passives. This means, you can build some solid second and third marches.

I still recommend your fourth as a conserving 1-troop march to poke and confuse the enemy.

How does passives and upgrading work in Prime League?

When you have chosen which marches to build, you need to setup your Immortals with passives.

  • You upgrade passives by spending the currency “Violet of the Void”. We get 50 x Violet Void currency every week during Prime League, meaning for the first battle, we have just 50 to spend!
    This means you are able to max 1-2 passives. Therefore, you need to review passive descriptions again to find those that perform well on low levels and those that needs to be high rank to have an impact – e.g. Fighting Will is a very strong max level passive, but as rank 1 the % is so low that the passive is worthless.
  • Find marches and guide here: Prime League Builds
  • Melting/Reborn a passive returns 100% of the Violet Voids you invested. This means that you can theorycraft a lot and try different things out, and that as we get more Voids available the meta will shift quickly from the strong baseline passives into the strong maxed Epic passives.

What is Pre-league and Playoffs?

Pre-league are the beginning matches of the Prime League season. Here we play others and gain ranking to qualify for the playoffs. During the Playoffs we will face off other alliances for 1v1 battles (think of Throne tournament layout).

Key differences is passive progression

  • We gain 50 violets per week, meaning by the time we reach playoffs we have a lot of violets to invest.
  • We also gain access to new passive skills when Prime League hits the playoff stage. If you open up your Prime League tab and hit upgrade on a passive you are taken to the Tower of Skills for Prime League. Here you can see the cutoff. The cutoff is the level 40 ToK skills.

Published: 22-04-2022