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Lightning – Wounds specialists

This guide is part of my article series on Prime League Illusion Builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the main Prime League page.

This build is made for: Beginning of Pre-league

This article is on lightning team with a speciality in stopping healing, aka. killing earth marches. You have most likely tried fighting an earth march and having it be literally unkillable? Yeah.. having Charles shields, Zeno heals. If that was not enough, in IB Prime League’s early pre-league games cheap healing passives such as Grace and Support are both very strong and shelter works quite okay even at base level. How will you ever kill that? You must be able to debuff the enemy with “wounds“. Hence, Genghis Khan is the center of this march. We need him to quickly and reliably cast Arrow Storm to debuff the enemy team with wounds. His native energy regen is not enough to cast consistenty and maintain 100% uptime on wounds, thus we run adrenaline rush maxed to both get wounds on quickly as well as consistently. For the rest of the march, we build balancing damage and survivability. Luckily, lightning dragon scales damage buff off of debuffs on the enemy, which pairs nicely with garrote, chaotic and suppression which are all VERY strong passives at base level. Moreover, we run only physical so we MUST have coercion to minimize misses.


Yi Seong-gye: Assist + Weakness + Rage blessing

Genghis Khan: Adrenaline Rush + Anger + Garrote/Chaotic Blade

Peter: Onslaught + Energy suppression + Garrote/Chaotic Blade

Richard: Coercion + Resist + Oaken Guard

Strengths and weaknesses

This build is a niche build. You want some of your roster to be earth killers so you are not getting stuck against an enemy stacking 5x defensive earth garrisons (which will NEVER die without lightning’s 25% damage buff vs earth and wounds from Khan). It is a specialist spiner build and you will be hunting all earth teams you can find during the IB.

Lightning is not the strongest of elements and the Immortals’ abilities are mediocre compared to other elements (besides wounds). This means, you should expoect not to win 1:1 battles versus wind, fire, etc. You must be a teamplayer to run this, as you will most likely be dedicated as the first march to spearhead and lead rallies against your enemies on the battlefield. In conclusion, a strong specialist march to counter healing and earth.

Published: 22-04-2022