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Standard meta build to use in the Pre-League stage

Player Guide: Fire Setup for Illusion Battlefield Prime League Season 5

Season 5 of the Illusion Battlefield Prime League has just begun, with the first round scheduled to be played this Sunday. As players scramble to set up new builds to gain the upper hand in a leveled playing field, it’s essential to have a solid, reliable build that will perform consistently well. In Prime League, there are no spender advantages, so everyone has the same pieces available to them. Success relies on strategy and superior builds.

In this guide, we will focus on a tried and tested fire setup that will always perform well. This build can serve as a reliable baseline while you experiment with other formations to test the waters and attempt to break the meta.

Reliable Fire Setup for Prime League

Immortal and Skill Configuration

  1. Khan
    • Skills: Malice, No Escape, Assist
    • Role: Khan serves as a frontline damage dealer with the ability to disrupt and debuff the enemy team. The combination of Malice and No Escape increases his survivability while Assist helps redirect damage from key backline immortals.
  2. Empress Wu
    • Skills: Death Breath, Annihilation, Concentration
    • Role: Empress Wu is your primary damage dealer. Death Breath provides significant AoE damage, Annihilation boosts her magical damage, and Concentration amplifies all magical damage dealt, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.
  3. Hippolyta
    • Skills: Rage Blessing, Defense Blessing, Adrenaline Rush
    • Role: Hippolyta plays a dual role of damage and support. Rage Blessing and Defense Blessing enhance the team’s overall performance by boosting their attack and defense stats. Adrenaline Rush ensures that her ultimate ability is ready more frequently, keeping the pressure on the enemy.
  4. William
    • Skills: Weakness, Oaken Guard, Resist
    • Role: William serves as the tank and support unit. Weakness debuffs enemy attacks, Oaken Guard boosts his defense, and Resist provides additional resilience, making him hard to take down and allowing him to protect your backline effectively.

Optional Variations

You can adjust this setup by swapping out William for other immortals like Ashoka and Attila to introduce more control into your build. Multiple variations of this fire setup work well, but sticking to the outlined configuration will ensure a strong, reliable performance.

  • Full Fire Setup: Use Ashoka to complement the fire synergy, enhancing overall damage output and providing a consistent theme to your team.
  • Control Variation: Replace William with Attila to introduce more control elements, disrupting enemy formations and providing additional utility.


The fire setup outlined in this guide is a solid, reliable build that will perform consistently well in the Illusion Battlefield Prime League. Use this build as a baseline while experimenting with other formations to find the best combination for your team. Remember, the key to success in Prime League is adaptability and strategy, so be ready to adjust and innovate as the season progresses.

Good luck, and may your battles be victorious!

Published: 21-05-2024