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Water w Ignatius & Charles

This guide is part of my article series on Prime League Illusion Builds for the Playoff section of IB Prime League.

If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the main Prime League page.

This guide was made before the first battles in the playoffs have commenced. I have been busy in training grounds for the past week, crafting what I think will be the five strongest marches for the Playoffs of Illusion Battle Prime League.

You can find my five playoffs builds here:
1. Fire w. Charles & Khan
2. Earth-Wind Hybrid
3. Lightning w. Charles
4. Water w. Charles & Khan
5. Water w. Charles & Ignatius

As we have not yet had a playoff battle, I have no real IB data to go by. Therefore, I hope to see many of you trying out this build or one of my other playoffs-builds to report back with feedback and battlereports!

The build overview

This article is on water with Charles and Ignitius. In the pre-league water was utterly useless. However, with the new ToK passive skills available in the Playoff section of IB Prime League, we can now comfortably counter fire setups using this water – water was simply not viable in the pre-league.

How does this build work? We rely on elemental bonus of Merlin to dish out solid damage. Moreover, Attila is a solid off DPS and his silence performs incredibly well versus fire because fire is extreemly dependent on getting their ultimate abilities off quickly (a fire that dosen’t nuke, dies hard).

We rely on Charles and Dido for strong shields and sustain. Making this setup very difficult to kill off.

Lastly, this build uses Ignatius (fire dragon) because it’s fire breath ability is simply the best dragon skill in these low-tech battles that are IB Prime League. We are not able to comfortably enjoy water dragon healing due to every march we face having a Khan in it. So we go fire to nuke the **** out of anything before they get going. Works incredibly well!


Merlin: Annihilation + Energy Burst + Spell Disintegration

Dido: Assist + Weakness Protection + Jade Barrier

Charles: Weakness + Energy Suppression + Oaken Guard

Attila: Malice + Death Breath + Fighting Will

Strengths and weaknesses

Weak against defensive sustain setups. Facing a solid Earth zeno build will absolutely wreck this build, no contest. Likewise, Wind marches are difficult for it to beat. However, it is the only build I have ever seen to be able to kill the Fire-Charles-Khan meta setup.

In conclusion, a niche march to kill the meta-dominating fire-charles-khan setup. However, it will do well against most setups and is a water march that enjoys the strengths of water without being hard-countered by a Khan. You can melt face while staying alive and controling the battle.

Published: 09-07-2022