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Fire – Master of the Chase (Prime Season 2)

This guide is part of my article series on Prime League Illusion Builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the main Prime League page.

This build is made for: Beginning of Pre-league (round one)

This build focuses on magic damage and boosting the AOE damage nuke of chase to the absolute max. The idea is simple, that with everything being low level and without tech, VIP and other buffs, normal magic users will have too little crit to consistently proc chase (an absolute monster of a nuke spell). But with Williams Crit buff plus Rage passive maxed in combination with the high amount of dmg instances per minute from Death Breath, we should be able to proc chase consistently (DB has the highest amount of dmg instances per min. of any passive, making it the best chase-proc-ability in the game. We only need it to proc Chase, therefore we run it at base level 1).


The setup is all about getting a crits and surviving long enough to make them count! There are a few general things you should be aware of in IB Prime League. Because we are in round one, we have only 50 Violets to spend. As such, we are can’t max very many passives and must choose very carefully. We get high value from maxing blue and purple skills because they are less violet-intensive. This works well for us, since our main damage is chase and rage which means we even have violets to spare to put levels into Weakness.

Empress Wu: Chase (8) + Death Breath (1) + Rage (8)
We need as many crit instances as possible to proc Chase consistently. Hence, Death Breath + Rage are must haves. It’s simple, Wu needs to crit a few times and then your enemy literally melts from the heat she is packing.

Khan: Assist (1) + Missleading (1) + Rage Blessing (1)
We need Empress Wu at as high troop count as possible, therefore we run Assist on Khan. Moreover, Khan will deal great damage with his first hit which is all we need, from there we only need wounds from him and damage from Wu. Thus, we run him support with Missleading and Rage Blessing.

Missleading is very powerful in these early stages, because not many players can have a maxed coercion yet and we have no accuracy from tech and dragon talents.

Rage Blessing is more obvious, energy regen is king. Especially in these early fights and especially running something as bursty as Fire Chase.

William: Weakness (4) + Oaken Guard (1) + Resist (1)
William is our Buff machine. We need Crit buffs from him which he supplies in plenty since we also run weakness here. In addition we want to take advantage of the very very high base % of Oaken Guard and Resist. Beginning at 15% defence for either type of damage is very very powerful and placed them amongst the absolute best level 1 passives in the game.

Charles: Energy Suppression (1) + Defense Blessing (1) + Malice (1)
For Charles we are keeping our friends alive. Charle’s shielding works very well with Malice making incoming damage more steady works well for shield-sustain. Furthermore, we run Defense Blessing and Energy Suppression to get the upper hand on troop-count as early in the fight as we can. Getting ahead early means more damage comparatively and a big advantage.

Strengths and weaknesses

This setup is built around nuking the enemy hard with AoE magic damage. As such, it enjoys the advantage of being a killer of utility setups like Qin Wind or Khan lightning.

Problem is if you are fighting an enemy that simply does not die. If you end up having to chew through someone who has build a defensive earth march, you might get in trouble! I am not sure there is enough burst to get through Charles in time… time will tell!

This was the number one setup for Prime League season 1, and going into season 2 it is likely to continue it’s reign of domination.

In conclusion, a bursty and risky march that I look forward to playing!

Published: 29-10-2022