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Earth – Alex single target nuke

This guide is part of my article series on Prime League Illusion Builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the main Prime League page.

This build is made for: Beginning of Pre-league

This article is on earth with a focus on Alex single-targeting. This means we are using the fast attackspeed and high phys dmg of Alexander the Great to proc as many instances of combo as possible as well as boosting its damage to the max. As Prime League has very limited passive ranks in the initial stages, this is a a solid build to begin a league with. You will have good survivability from an un-controlable Charles with adrenaline rush, strong healing from Zeno on Alex (your main dps you want toped). Lastly, Cleopatra is always a good choice, as she deals decent damage and gives that strong magic dmg debuff to keep us safe from heavy nuking fire teams or from Baldwin proc chains.


Zeno: Blessing of speed + Oaken Guard + Energy Suppression

Cleo: Wisdom + Nova + Annihilation

Charles: Fighting Master + Weakness + Adrenaline Rush

Alexander: Combo + Onslaught + Anger

Strengths and weaknesses

This setup is built around Alex and his single target. Surviving long enough for him to make it a 4v3 battle secures the victory.

Problem is if you are fighting an enemy that simply does not die. If you end up with your Alex facing a Frederick I with spearmen counter and fully loaded with tanking passives, you might not be able to chew through in time.

On the other hand, most people will likely be running Charles if they want survivability, simply because his shields are amazingly strong. If you position your Alex to fight him directly, he will eat him up quickly!

You do no rely on Zeno heals too much, meaning Khan lightnings and Qin Wind teams are not a direct hardcounter to this setup (not running shelter, grace and adrenaline on Zeno). But these two teams are still the most dangeous.

All in all, earth has a very strong baseline. It might lack the additional stats given to the wind immortals and dragon, but what it lacks in stats is makes up for in very strong abilities. We enjoy CC immunity on two Immortals, the best survive in the game (Charles) and quite high damage output. In conclusion, a strong solid march to start out any league.

Published: 20-04-2022