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All SvS Seasons

Legion of Frostborne is the ultimate competition between the Infinite worlds of Infinity Kingdom. Servers are matched togeather and thrown into a shared new map where they battle for weeks on end to claim the gnome capital of Ymir and ultimate victory. This is an opportunity for players of all sizes to show what they are made of. People often mistakenly thinks that Legion of Frostborne (server versus server, or SvS) is all about whales. While whale power is very important and strong, having the numbers even in alt accounts and alt alliances play a huge role! To win in competitive SvS battlefields your server will need both high power players and a LOT of smaller highly active players if you want to win.

For this guide, we are not going to look much more at how to play SvS. For that, you can check out my guide on SvS strategies. For this guide, we shall instead look at the progression structure of Legion of Frostborne as well as the rewards available.

Seasonal structure

Legion of Frostborne is structured into seasons, the server worlds of Infinity Kingdom are not on the same progressional level, with almost two years between the oldest and youngest server, it would never be a fair fight. As such, we have a progression structure where all worlds are grouped into battlegroups and goes through three seasons of SvS before being added to the final battlegroup “Conquest”. During conquest, your server progresses through phases where rewards will change slightly for your server based on the number of Conquest seasons you have participated in.


Legion of Frostborne have very very powerful rewards for all participants. These include Ability Stones for the locked Tower of Knowledge Skills such as Spell Disintegration and Wind Rage, to name a few. These Stones are available both in the seasonal SvS shop to be purchased for Cold Coins as well as in the SvS Ancient Chest loot boxes which can be bought with Cold Coins and Gems. Besides Ability Stones for ToK skills, we are also able to unlock new unique Immortals as we progress through the seasons of SvS. Each of the seasons including conquest phases hold new Immortal Fragments for you to unlock. After completing a season you can also access these Immortals in the Bundle Recharge Shop and you unlock new Immortals in the King of the Hill event (during the first seasons).


You can read much more about the rewards of each season by clicking on the season below. Here I will include a short overview of all the seasons, for additional information on what precisely each of the rewards means and what is being unlocked, etc. Please checkout the season you are interested in by clicking below.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Conquest P1

Conquest P2

Published: 17-01-2023