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Securing Strategic Areas in Legion of Frostborne PvP Season in Infinity Kingdom

Legion of Frostborne in Infinity Kingdom introduces a colossal player versus player environment where servers are pitted against each other in a massive battleground. Beyond the battles themselves, strategic gameplay becomes crucial as servers vie for control over cities and, most importantly, gates connecting different sections of the map. Securing these gates is paramount for success in Legion of Frostborne, and one effective strategy involves blocking access points to these vital structures.

The Hive Formation:
The Hive Formation is a key tactic for blocking important strategic areas around gates. Follow these steps to create an effective hive around a gate:

  1. Coordinate Castle Placement:
  • Players should strategically position their castles with one space between them to cover as much area as possible.
  • Consider the gate’s surroundings and place castles to maximize coverage while leaving no gaps for opponents to exploit.
  1. Utilize Shields:
  • Once castles are in position, activate shields to protect your forces from enemy attacks.
  • Ensure that the shields cover as much of the area around the gate as possible.
  1. Leverage the Yellow Area:
  • Recognize the yellow area near the gates where players cannot shield.
  • Place powerful players or critical defensive units in this space to deter and repel enemy forces.
  1. Deploy Thermal Towers:
  • To block off the yellow area entirely, fill it with Thermal Towers.
  • Thermal Towers can provide both defensive capabilities and obstruct enemy movements.

Advanced Blocking Strategies:
While the basic Hive Formation is effective, employing additional strategies can enhance your blocking capabilities:

  1. Spawn Gnome Camps:
  • Temporarily block large areas by strategically spawning Gnome Camps.
  • Gnomes can create obstacles for enemy forces, disrupting their movements and buying precious time.
  1. Spawn Rebel Camps:
  • Similar to Gnome Camps, Rebel Camps can be spawned strategically to block off sections of the map.
  • You can stack these up in your inventory during the rebels event in times of peace.

Mastering the art of blocking important strategic areas is crucial for success in Legion of Frostborne. The Hive Formation, combined with advanced blocking strategies involving Gnome and Rebel Camps, can provide a formidable defense around gates. By understanding the nuances of these tactics, players can significantly impact the outcome of battles and secure victory for their server.

Make sure to adapt these strategies based on the evolving dynamics of the game and coordinate with your alliance for optimal results. Good luck in your battles within the Legion of Frostborne!

Published: 14-12-2023