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What does the new Diplomacy limitations mean?

“Navigating Changes in Infinity Kingdom’s Legion of Frostborne Season: A Deep Dive into Alliance Dynamics”

Infinity Kingdom’s Legion of Frostborne season has taken an intriguing turn with the recent 2.6.3 update, introducing key changes that promise to shake up alliance dynamics. While the adjustment to the War Declaration system might be considered a minor inconvenience if managed properly, the real game-changer lies in the alterations to alliance diplomacy. This article delves into the substantial impact of these modifications, especially for active servers relying on strategic alliance management.

War Declaration: A Minor Annoyance with Proper Management

The introduction of the War Declaration system mandates that players formally declare war on a City or Checkpoint before launching a siege.

While this may seem like a minor change, it can become an annoyance if not managed effectively. Players holding the rank of Alliance R6 and R5 now have the exclusive authority to declare war, and a mandatory three-minute waiting period follows each declaration.


  • Strategic Adjustments: Properly managing the new War Declaration system becomes crucial to avoid unnecessary delays. Alliances need to coordinate their efforts efficiently, ensuring smooth transitions between diplomacy and war to maintain an active and strategic edge.

Alliance Diplomacy: A Game-Changing Shift for Active Servers

The 2.6.3 update significantly alters the landscape of alliance diplomacy, limiting alliances to a maximum of nine allies. This has profound implications, particularly for active servers accustomed to utilizing multiple alliances for strategic advantages.


  • Challenges for Active Servers: Active servers face substantial challenges with the new alliance diplomacy restrictions. The ability to chain thermals from numerous alliances to expand into new territories becomes a logistical puzzle. The tactic of instantly building a thermal with a fresh alliance, previously offering free placement, now demands more effort as it occupies one of the precious diplomacy slots.
  • Loss of Vision in Occupied Territories: Perhaps the most significant impact is the loss of vision in territories occupied by the server itself. This change disrupts the traditional strategy of maintaining visibility across various regions, a shift that may hinder active servers in planning and executing strategic moves.
  • Scaling Mechanic Disadvantages: The changes in alliance diplomacy seem designed as a scaling mechanic, where the benefits of having numerous active alliances diminish as the count rises. This approach appears to impose disadvantages on active servers, favoring one-color servers. The potential consequences may lead to imbalances in competition, favoring servers with fewer but more powerful alliances.

As the Legion of Frostborne season unfolds, players must adapt to the nuanced challenges posed by the 2.6.3 update. While the War Declaration system may be a minor inconvenience with proper management, the real test lies in navigating the intricacies of alliance diplomacy. For active servers, these changes demand a reevaluation of strategies, resource allocation, and diplomatic maneuvers. The season promises to be an exciting test of adaptability and resilience, revealing whether the advantages conferred on one-color servers can truly stand against the might of larger, stronger, and more active alliances. The quest for a vibrant gaming community must always take precedence over a game dominated by a select few with superior advantages. Let the battle for Frostborne commence!

Published: 05-12-2023