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Season 3 rewards – Immortal Fragments & Ability Stone drop rates

Do you wonder what to expect from SvS reward boxes? Here is what 250k gems gets you!

To be precise, I have made 51 pulls, using 250k gems and 500 cold coin. Out of a total of 501 chests the drops and drop rates are as follow:

DropTotal amountDrop chance per chest
Yi Sun-Shin33166.07%
Victorious Pursuit265.19%
Full Coverge152.99%
Siren’s Gaze173.39%
Spell Disintegrator102.00%

I did not get a screenshot of my single chest opening, which is why you will find 3x Yi Sun-Shin fragments missing from the screenshots – if anyone is counting 😉

Published: 09-06-2022