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Conquest P2

Legion of Frostborne is the ultimate competition between the Infinite worlds of Infinity Kingdom. Servers are matched togeather and thrown into a shared new map where they battle for weeks on end to claim the gnome capital of Ymir and ultimate victory. For this guide, we shall instead look at the progression structure of Legion of Frostborne as well as the rewards available.

Legion of Frostborne is structured into seasons, the server worlds of Infinity Kingdom are not on the same progressional level, with almost two years between the oldest and youngest server, it would never be a fair fight. As such, we have a progression structure where all worlds are grouped into battlegroups and goes through three seasons of SvS before being added to the final battlegroup “Conquest”. During conquest, your server progresses through phases where rewards will change slightly for your server based on the number of Conquest seasons you have participated in.

Legion of Frostborne have very very powerful rewards for all participants. These include Ability Stones for the locked Tower of Knowledge Skills such as Spell Disintegration and Wind Rage, to name a few. These Stones are available both in the seasonal SvS shop to be purchased for Cold Coins as well as in the SvS Ancient Chest loot boxes which can be bought with Cold Coins and Gems. Besides Ability Stones for ToK skills, we are also able to unlock new unique Immortals as we progress through the seasons of SvS. Each of the seasons including conquest phases hold new Immortal Fragments for you to unlock. After completing a season you can also access these Immortals in the Bundle Recharge Shop and you unlock new Immortals in the King of the Hill event (during the first seasons).

Conquest P2 Rewards

After completing conquest P1, your server will continue it’s journey in the Conquest battlegroup into the P2 stage with slight changes to rewards.

The Cold Coin shop is now complete and will offer the following:

  1. Snipe Ability Stones
  2. Stormeye Ability Stones
  3. Spell Disintegrator
  4. Wind Rage Ability Stones

In the Ancient Remnant Chest Lootboxes you are able to find:

  1. Snipe Ability Stones
  2. Stormeye Ability Stones
  3. Siren’s Gaze Ability Stones
  4. Spell Disintegrator
  5. Full Coverage Ability Stones
  6. Victorious Pursuit Ability Stones
  7. Rind Rage Ability Stones
  8. Berserker Ability Stones
  9. Tokugawa Immortal Fragments
  10. Margaret l Immortal Fragments

Let us dive a bit deeper and review each of these rewards.

Tower of Knowledge unlocks

Spell Disintegrator is the main reward from this season of SvS along with Trajan. It is another Fire-season and it is now that your fire team can truely take off and do insane things if you main it. This is the single best magic damage passive in the game and you always want to unlock this if you are doing anything with a mage. I highly recommend that you have stacked all cold coin from previous seasons and max Spell Disintegrator asap.

Sniper is a powerful skill and one that many players are using in their main setup. It is particularly strong in back-line pressure and AOE setups.This is because the skill procs dealing damage to the target furthest away from you meaning you will always secure backline damage from this ability’s procs. It works extreemly well on Immortals such as Gilgamesh, Khan, Atalanta, Bathory, Yoshi.

Stormeye is also in the shop for cold coin. It is a magic skill which work well in any mage-dependent setup. It is a very good skill and one you want to get if you use more than one mage. However, it is not as strong as Spell Disintegration which will be available next season, and as such I would advise most players to keep stacking Cold Coin even if you rely on a mage in your main.

Siren’s Gaze is an interesting skill, one which I have never seen in play for real thus far. However, that does not mean it is bad. While I don’t think it is amongst the best skills in the game, I can see some specialized builds make very good use of this skill. E.g. in combo with Void Realm or with Life-Link on a tank Immortal.

Full Coverage is a lot harder to get, since it is from Ancient Chests only. This means you will not be able to get it finished anytime soon. It will take a long time. However, it is a decent skill to get for certain setups.

If you are running a Fire team, I would encourage you to get this ability skill eventually. You will run it on Hippolyta for massive damage in a crit-regen build. That being said, it is a solid skills for any physical Immortal, however one you want to run paired with high energy regen builds with Adrenaline Rush, Rage Blessing, Energy Burst.

Victorious Pursuit is an interesting skill. While it is not being used a lot, it does have it’s use cases and can be very powerful in the right build. The problem with this skill is getting a high enough count of damage instances for it do stack it’s damage buff. However, once you get 10×5% = 50% damage buff active, it is extreemly powerful. The problem of triggering it means that it is only viable on extreem attack speed builds (maybe on an Alex in a hybrid setup) and for niche Immortals with extreem amounts of damage instances. This would be a Hippolytta with unique artifact and energy regen build or a Gilgamesh with high-dmg instance passives such as DoT’s or DB.

Berserker is the most nerf’ed skill of all in Infinity Kingdom. Since it’s release it has been nerfed 3 or 4 times by massive amounts. However, it remains a very powerful passive in certain situations. It should be used on an Immortal with e.g. a unique artifact effect that makes it’s ultimate into a passive ability (thus no downside from regen loss) and one that likes attack speed. I for one, am looking forward to some day get this for my Barca in my wind-earth hybrid.

Wind Rage is a highly valued skill. In certain setups it can provide rediculess value, like on a well crafted Alex build you can get very high value from this passive. It basically works extreemly well with anything that relies on normal damage, attack speed and normal attacks as a trigger (combo, cleave, heavenly thunder, etc.).

Immortal’s SvS rewards


Tokugawa is a very interesting Immortal.

  • Recieving 10% more damage + dealing 10% less damage while having 10% lower energy regen and 10% reduced attack speed, has a gigantic impact on ANY Immortal.

I think this guy is extreemly interesting and will be quite powerful upon release. I know I am going to unlock him as soon as I can, in fact. He will be very strong in many setups and builds since he is such a strong counter to the physical meta that dominates. However, I think the true value will be from teaming him with Louis and Hammurabi for Lightning massive magic damage. Stacking insane amounts of negative effects/debuffs on the enemy while remaining safe from physical attacks. Critically, he will counter the meta hybrid wind-earth team as 10% reduced attack speed and 10% reduced damage makes even Alex a wet noodle.

He does have one weakness, magic damage. His shields absorb physical damage, as such, if you are wielding a dual mage fire this guy is a paper weight with zero impact.

Margaret l

Contraty Margaret is not a very interesting Immortal. She seems like a slightly better Yoshi, but her energy regen is horrible which makes it useless to provide chill before Merlin hits with his first ultimate. That would be the window where she could out perform Dido and other backliners. But in this current version of attribute value I do not see a point in getting her.

King of the Hill Progression

With the first SvS seasons, server progress is meassured by SvS seasons. As such, the release of new Immortals in the King of the Hill event relies on your server’s SvS progression.

After finishing Season 3 every single Immortal in rotation is available. No additional Immortals are being added thus far.

Hammurabi is very very good for lightning setups pumping huge magic damage. Arash should be ignored. He is just not very good…

Published: 13-01-2023