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Strategic positioning and Blocking

How to use alts for strategic advantage in SvS

Thermal Towers

In Legion of Frostborne aka. SvS we are limited by the number of Thermals we can put down. The more thermals you have, the longer new ones takes construct. However, new alliances instantly hold 1 free thermal tower and ressources to build another thermal right off the bat. I.e. when I create a new alliance on one of my alts it has 2x thermals to place down with minimum build time (less than 1hour).

This is very powerful in SvS battles, as you can use an army of alts to block strategically important areas such as the area around Ymir or around important gates.

This can also be used to chain thermals quickly via inter-alliance diplomacy settings.

Bubble blocks

Just like with your thermals, you can use your castle to block off space in important areas. For instance, by using 15-20 alts placed within the shield-able green area close to a gate – you make sieging that gate VERY difficult for your opponent who now must either attack from the snow, or with very few people staying inside the yellow no-shield zone.

You want to spread them out with 1-tile of space in between, as to block as much area as possible, see below:

Done right

Dont be the dude who places down all ur alts on top of each other or parks too close so u don’t block extra tiles.

Done wrong

If we combine thermals in the yellow area with alts in the green area. We can essentially block off an entire gate making it near impossible to capture the gate as you have to attack from snow with long-march times on a gate easily fortified by the defender from the safety of other side.

Published: 21-03-2022