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Ancient Relics (Imm. Fragments and Ability Stones)

Once the season of SvS is decided and we all return to Norheim to build back up our training grounds and restock our grain supplies, we also have a bunch of Cold Coins earned through our participation in the battle.

The amount of cold coin rewarded is different based on your alliance progression, victory or not, personal contribution ranking, etc. read more about cold coins and how to get them.

Once we have our cold coin currency, we are ready to open up some chests and get the juicy ability stones and Immortal fragments we have been waiting so long to hold.

Ancient Relics Chests

There are three tiers of Ancient Relic chests:

(1) Divine’s Prophecy, for those who hold Ymir at the end of the SvS battle.

(2) Divine’s Protection, for those who hold any of the three citadels at the end of the SvS battle.

(3) Divine’s Will, for anyone participating in the SvS battle.


  1. The winner of the SvS battle can earn Ragnar Lothbrok Fragments in their main chest. Anyone with a citadel, cannot get Ragnar Lothbrok from the main chest where most ability stones drops. So if you are getting out of an SvS battle with a citadel as your highest tier realestate, then you have to make a hard decision on Ability Stones or Ragnar Fragments.
  2. The winners have a higher probability of getting ability stone rewards, as the loottable is populated with more instances of stone-drops relative to the others.
  3. Matilda of Flanders is unavailable to anyone who does not have atleast a citadel.

Drop chances of Ability Stones and Immortal Fragment from Prophecy chests

I have VERY little data on this… please send screenshots of you un-boxing of Prophecy chests so I can update this.

Opening 11 Prophecy chests, has given the following loot.

With what littel info I have, the average prophecy chest yields 2.27 Immortal Fragments and 1.36 ability stones.

Drop types (pooled)Chance per open
Immortal Fragments total227.27%
Ability Stones Total136.36%
Immortal FragmentsChance per open
Muhammad II72.73%
Ability stonesChance per open
Siren’s Gaze45.45%
Full Coverge36.36%

Published: 19-03-2022