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Personal rewards – Cold Coin (reward currency)

Infinity Kingdom is a popular mobile strategy game that has captured the hearts of many players. The game offers a variety of features, one of which is the Legion of Frostborne, a server versus server combat format where players fight as a server against other servers in the land of Frostborne. In this mode, players can earn Cold Coin, a valuable currency that can be used to purchase various rewards. This article will focus on how to earn Cold Coin by finishing in the top of Legion Marks rankings for the entire server versus server battle.

Earning Legion Marks

Legion Marks are the primary way of earning ranking points in Infinity Kingdom. Players can earn Legion Marks by earning Honor and donating resources, defeating gnomes, constructing thermal towers, and so on.

So, how can players earn Legion Marks for Ranking in the Legion of Frostborne mode? The following are some of the best ways to earn Legion Marks (NOT shop currency):

  1. Attacking enemy player: One of the most effective ways to earn Honor is by attacking enemy Castles. When players successfully defeat an enemy Castle, they can earn a lot of Honor points.
  2. Defending your own Castle: Players can also earn Honor by defending their own base against enemy attacks. Successful defenses can earn players a significant amount of Honor points.
  3. Donating resources: Players can earn Legion Marks by donating resources to their alliance. The more resources players donate, the more Marks they can earn. However, it is important to note that players should only donate resources that they can afford to lose.
  4. Thermal towers: Thermal towers are a critical component of the Legion of Frostborne mode. Players can earn Marks by constructing and upgrading thermal towers. Players obtain Legion Marks based on the time a march has been building in a Thermal. This is the same as with Cities in Norheim. Legion Marks are rewarded both from constructing friendly and demolishing enemy Thermals.
  5. Defeating gnomes: Gnomes are not exactly a unique feature of the Legion of Frostborne mode. But players can earn Marks by defeating gnomes that appear on the Frozen map.

Obtain Legion Marks efficiently

So what is the most efficient way to obtain Legion marks and rank high in the Legion of Frostborne. Basically, how can we earn Cold Coin?

There are many ways to earn Legion Marks as noted above. However, the rewards for most of these activities are extremely low. For example, spending an hour in a Thermal Tower only rewards around 80 Legion Marks, which is equivalent to 80 Honor points.

In contrast, players can earn between 20,000 and 300,000 Legion Marks by making a solid honor-hit on an enemy or a stacked farm.

This means that the only worthwhile method of obtaining personal Ranking in the Legion Marks rankings is by getting a lot of Honor. Everything else is useless when it comes to ranking high and earning Cold Coin.

By focusing on these activities, players can earn a lot of Honor points, which will help them rank high in the Legion Marks rankings and earn Cold Coin. It is important to note that Cold Coin can only be obtained by ranking high in the Legion Marks rankings or through alliance performance.

Rewards from Cold Coin

Once players have earned Cold Coin, they can use it to purchase various rewards. Some of the rewards that can be purchased with Cold Coin include:

  1. Ability Stone Fragments to unlock the new Tower of Knowledge Skills.
  2. Dragon Essences allowing you to upgrade your dragon’s talent tree, developing into the unique talents.
  3. Philosopher stones and other various buffs and speeds (do not ever spend Cold Coin on these).

In conclusion, Cold Coin is an essential currency in Infinity Kingdom’s Legion of Frostborne. It is earned through personal rewards and alliance progress rewards. The Legion Marks ranking is the primary method of earning personal rewards in Cold Coin, with high rankings requiring a lot of Honor points.

While earning Cold Coin may seem daunting at first, it is important to remember that the rewards can greatly benefit your game progress. With Cold Coin, you can purchase valuable items such as legendary commanders and rare resources that will help you become stronger and more competitive in the game.

So, keep grinding and working towards earning Honor points, participating in server versus server battles, and contributing to your alliance’s progress. With determination and persistence, you too can earn a significant amount of Cold Coin rewards and become a formidable force in the land of Frostborne.

We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding the importance and methods of earning Cold Coin in Infinity Kingdom’s Legion of Frostborne. Good luck on your journey!

Published: 04-04-2023