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Thermal Towers

Thermal Towers provide light and warmth in the Legion of Frostborne.🔥 They not only provide Vision Proximity, but also geothermal zones. Alliances must work closely together to produce and build Thermal Towers. Today, Glyndwr will teach you about how to produce, build, demolish, and abandon Thermal Towers, as well as the powerful effects of these towers. 🥰

🌾Alliance Resource Reserves:

Producing Thermal Towers consumes Alliance resources. When Alliance members gather resources in this frozen land, some of the gathered resources will be converted at a certain ratio into extra Alliance resources. (The Lord who gathered the resources does not lose any resources. Converted Alliance resources are produced as a bonus.) All Alliance resources contributed by Alliance members can be used to produce Thermal Towers.

🍳Producing Thermal Towers:

Starting Production – The Alliance Leader (R6) and Officers (R5) have the authority to start producing Thermal Towers. Producing a Thermal Tower consumes time and Alliance resources. Only 1 Thermal Tower can be produced at the same time, and the production process cannot be cancelled once started.
Quick Production – Use “Quick Production” to reduce Thermal Tower production time.
Storage – Completed Thermal Towers are stored in the Alliance Warehouse. The Warehouse can hold a limited number of Thermal Towers. The more Thermal Towers there are in the Warehouse, the more time and resources are needed to produce additional Thermal Towers.

👨‍🔧Building Thermal Towers:

First Tower – The Alliance Leader (R6) and Officers (R5) can start building Thermal Towers. If your Alliance does not have any Thermal Towers on the battlefield yet, the first Thermal Tower can be placed in any area outside the range of other Alliances’ Thermal Towers.
Additional Towers – If your Alliance has already constructed a Thermal Tower, new Thermal Towers must be placed within the Vision Proximity of your current Thermal Towers, and cannot overlap with the geothermal zones created by other Alliances’ Thermal Towers.
Building Thermal Towers – After a Thermal Tower is placed, Alliance members can dispatch troops to start constructing it. The more troops are dispatched, the faster the construction speed.

🌟Building Effects:

Vision Proximity and Geothermal Zones – A completed Thermal Tower will provide your Alliance with Vision Proximity and a geothermal zone within a certain range from itself.
Overlapping Geothermal Zones – If the geothermal zones of Thermal Towers belonging to separate Alliances overlap, the overlapping area will only belong to the Thermal Tower that was constructed earliest. Vision Proximity is not subject to any overlap restrictions, and Alliances will always enjoy the full Vision Proximity of their Thermal Towers.

😈Demolishing Enemy Thermal Towers:

Destroying an enemy’s Thermal Tower is no simple matter.
First, you must defeat all troops garrisoned at the Thermal Tower. Then, you must dispatch demolition troops to the Thermal Tower.
After the demolition troops have entered the Thermal Tower, the latter’s Durability will fall gradually. When Durability falls to 0, the Thermal Tower is completely destroyed. The speed at which Durability falls will increase gradually while the demolition troops are inside the Thermal Tower.
If the demolition troops leave or are defeated before the demolition is complete, the Thermal Tower will gradually recover its Durability.

🍃Abandoning Thermal Towers:

There is a limit to the number of Thermal Towers each Alliance can build. The Alliance Leader (R6) and Officers (R5) may thus choose to abandon some Thermal Towers based on their current needs. Only 1 Thermal Tower can be abandoned at a time. Abandonment can be cancelled at any time.

That’s all the information we have about Thermal Towers. We will be providing many more details in the update log. Stay tuned! Thermal Towers are the first buildings in the game to be jointly built by an Alliance from start to finish. Do you like this kind of cooperative Alliance gameplay? Let us know your thoughts!😌