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Earn Cold Coin (main currency for svs rewards)

This article is a calculation and summation of how you can earn Cold Coin from SvS. All numbers are based off the ingame guide.

Table of content

  1. Personal rewards
  2. Alliance Progress Rewards (cities)
  3. Alliance Power Rewards
  4. Earnings calculations

Personal Rewards

RankGemsCold CoinsHealing Speedup (hours)Training Speedup (hours)Universal Speedup
14500900075 hours75 hours75 hours
23000600054 hours54 hours54 hours
32000400036 hours36 hours36 hours
4-101500300025 hours25 hours25 hours
11-201200250018 hours18 hours18 hours
21-501000200012 hours12 hours12 hours
51-100800150010 hours10 hours10 hours
101-50070012008 hours8 hours8 hours
501-100060010006 hours6 hours6 hours
1001-20005008005 hours5 hours5 hours

Alliance Progress Rewards (Cities)

Faction PowerCold Coins

Modifiers – Very important!

Cold Coin earnings – Calculations

We are getting some very important modifiers to our Alliance progress rewards. The cold coin listed above, are multiplied by 25% per Citadel and by 50% if you control Ymir.

This means, if we have 2700 faction power (let’s face it, anyone with Ymir will have atleast that). As you can see, the modifiers are stackable and can really ramp up! We do however need to understand what they mean by “can be stacked”.

Some are doing the maths like compound interests – dosen’t work like that. The modifier is stacked as a single modifier and then used on the base reward (see table above). Let me show you an example:

WRONG MATHS: Ymir + 2x citadels = 6000 base reward * 1.5 ymir modifier * 1.25 citadel * 1.25 citadel = 14,062.50

RIGHT MATHS: Ymir + 2x citadels = 6000 base reward * (1+0.5+0.25+0.25) = 12,000

So what are the CORRECT reward scenarios? Let’s see!

Controlled BuildingsReward equationYour reward
1x citadels6000 * 1.257,500 cold coin
2x citadels6000 * 1.509,000 cold coin
3x citadels6000 * 1.7510,500 cold coin
Ymir only6000 * 1.509,000 cold coin
Ymir + 1x citadel6000 * 1.7510,500 cold coin
Ymir + 2x citadels6000 * 2.0012,000 cold coin
Ymir + 3x citadels6000 * 2.2513,500 cold coin

Alliance Power Rewards

RankingCold Coins

Test season victory rewards example