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Earn Cold Coin (main currency for svs rewards)

This article is a calculation and summation of how you can earn Cold Coin from SvS. All numbers are based off the ingame guide. Over the course of a Legion of Frostborne season, players can earn Cold Silver Coins from multiple different sources. These are: Personal ranking rewards, Alliance Faction Rewards and Alliance Ranking Rewards. In this guide you will find information on all the different kinds of reward mechanics and perhaps most noteworthy a tool to calculate the Faction rewards.

Because faction rewards are modified based on what you occupy at the end of the season. If you have Ymir and/or Citadel(s) you will earn an increased reward on your factions base-reward. Use the calculator below to calculate your rewards in your specific scenario.

Table of content

  1. Personal rewards
  2. Alliance Progress Rewards (cities)
  3. Alliance Power Rewards
  4. Earnings calculations

Personal Rewards

At the end of the legion of frostborne season every player is given personalized rewards based on their Legion Mark ranking. Note that the coins you are collecting throughout the season as you siege, donate and most importantly, gain honor are all used to place you in the ranking. Based on the total amount of Legion Marks you collect you are ranked and will earn personal rewards in accordance. Note that Honor seem to give 1:1 rewards in Legion Marks making it by far the best and most important factor in determining the Legion Marks ranking.

RankGemsCold CoinsHealing Speedup (hours)Training Speedup (hours)Universal Speedup
14500900075 hours75 hours75 hours
23000600054 hours54 hours54 hours
32000400036 hours36 hours36 hours
4-101500300025 hours25 hours25 hours
11-201200250018 hours18 hours18 hours
21-501000200012 hours12 hours12 hours
51-100800150010 hours10 hours10 hours
101-50070012008 hours8 hours8 hours
501-100060010006 hours6 hours6 hours
1001-20005008005 hours5 hours5 hours

Alliance Progress Rewards (Cities)

Faction PowerCold Coins

Modifiers – Very important!

Cold Coin earnings – Calculations

We are getting some very important modifiers to our Alliance progress rewards. The cold coin listed above, are multiplied by 25% per Citadel and by 50% if you control Ymir.

This means, if we have over 11K faction power (let’s face it, anyone with Ymir will have that). As you can see, the modifiers are stackable and can really ramp up! We do however need to understand what they mean by “can be stacked”.

Some are doing the maths like compound interests – dosen’t work like that. The modifier is stacked as a single modifier and then used on the base reward (see table above). Let me show you an example:

WRONG MATHS: Ymir + 2x citadels = 6000 base reward * 1.5 ymir modifier * 1.25 citadel * 1.25 citadel = 14,062.50

RIGHT MATHS: Ymir + 2x citadels = 6000 base reward * (1+0.5+0.25+0.25) = 12,000

So what are the CORRECT reward scenarios? You can calculate your rewards based on your faction power bracket and your modifiers, i.e. citedels and/or Ymir using the below calculator!

The below is a tool that includes a simple calculator for calculating rewards for the Legion of Frostborne event in Infinity Kingdom. This calculator allows the user to select their faction power tier and apply any combination of the modifiers for Ymir the gnome capital and the number of Citadels controlled to calculate the total Cold Coin reward.

To use this tool:

  1. Select Faction Power: Choose the faction power from the dropdown based on the power your faction has achieved.
  2. Select Modifiers: Check the boxes next to Ymir and/or the number of Citadels you control to apply their reward increases.
  3. Calculate Rewards: Click the “Calculate Rewards” button to see the total Cold Coin reward, factoring in your selected faction power and modifiers.
Legion of Frostborne Rewards Calculator

Legion of Frostborne Rewards Calculator

Alliance Power Rewards

In addition to faction and personal rewards, you also gain Alliance Power rewards based on the alliance power ranking at the end of the legion of frostborne season.

Test season victory rewards example

Published: 07-03-2024