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SvS changes from patch 2.6.3

Infinity Kingdom’s 2.6.3 Update: Changes to Legion of Frostborne (SvS)

Infinity Kingdom’s latest update, version 2.6.3, brings an array of changes to the game, with a particular focus on the Legion of Frostborne, also known as SvS (Server vs. Server) battles. These changes aim to enhance gameplay, provide new challenges, and encourage strategic depth. In this article, we will delve into the alterations and explore how they will impact the Legion of Frostborne, shedding light on the evolving landscape of this epic server-wide warfare.

1. War Declaration: An Introduction to Strategic Warfare

One of the most significant adjustments in the 2.6.3 update is the introduction of the War Declaration procedure for attacking Cities and Checkpoints in Norheim and KVK. Players must now formally declare war on a City or Checkpoint before launching an invasion, and there is a mandatory three-minute waiting period after the declaration.

  • Only players holding the rank of Alliance R6 and R5 possess the authority to declare war.
  • The scope of war declaration in the Legion of Frostborne is limited to a player’s own Thermal Tower, preventing the leverage of allies’ energy ranges.

While this change is clearly intended to make SvS seasons longer and more active, it may result in more of the frozen map being left empty. Winning servers will still quickly gain access to zones and dismantle enemy towers there, but they will spend a longer time building their own. This sadly doesn’t mean a more active fight but a longer grind instead. These concerns highlight the ongoing challenges in SvS battles where smaller servers may struggle to defend their areas.

2. Limit and Cooldown of Friendly Alliances

Within the Legion of Frostborne, alliances can now have a maximum of 9 allies. If this limit is reached, new alliances cannot be formed. Moreover, after ending friendly relations with a specific alliance, players must wait 24 hours before re-establishing relations.

While the aim of this adjustment is to create a more balanced environment, it doesn’t entirely address the issues surrounding the length of SvS seasons. Smaller servers may still find it challenging to defend their territories and maintain a competitive edge.

3. Other Enhancements to Legion of Frostborne

The 2.6.3 update includes various optimizations aimed at enhancing the overall SvS experience, although not directly related to the core SvS gameplay. These include changes to daily sign-in rewards, allowing for more valuable items such as Immortal Fragments. There’s also the introduction of 10X Draws with Philosopher’s Stone Shards, offering a quick-use function to simplify gameplay.

While these features do enhance the overall game experience, they are not directly relevant to the specific challenges and dynamics of SvS battles.

In conclusion, the 2.6.3 update brings substantial changes to the Legion of Frostborne, infusing fresh strategic elements and challenges into Infinity Kingdom’s server-wide warfare. As players adapt to these alterations, they will likely witness a shift in the dynamics of SvS battles, creating new opportunities for creativity and teamwork. The true impact of these changes will unfold as alliances and players engage in epic battles across the lands of Norheim. For more information about the most recent patch and its broader implications, you can find details here.

Published: 11-10-2023