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Using alts and level 1 alliances to win!

Server versus Server battles are supposed to be the epitomy of battles where raw power and overwhelming force are used to slay hordes of enemies as eight servers are thrown into all out war over supremecy of the Capital Ymir.

…. supposed to be. In reality, whilst having the biggest whale is nice and all. The server bringing the most alts are always the most scary! Whales can be rallied and cities can be blocked off completly. As such, if you find yourself in a large power disparity, fear not! You can still very much compete against even the biggest of servers.

How? By using an army of alts to block in bubbles while they instant build thermals all over the place making it impossible for your enemy to even find space to park. Moreover, you need a ton of useless marches to drain the soul and time from your enemies. Send a 1-troop march to ALL of your enemies thermals. They have no choice but to go around and attack each and every single one. Making them both vulnerable and extreemly stressed on time and resources.

Abusing level 1 alliance builds

Create 3 Alliances using those 3 characters. Leave the entry access as Join Freely. Enter frost on them using the C15 character you made.

Level 1 alliance gets the same number of Tactical Points as the strongest and most established alliances in game. In the Expansion tree (blue) spec into Indestructible, Demolition, Quick Repair, and Wonder Builder.

Start crafting a thermal. The game gives your alliance enough starting RSS to create one extra thermal. Your first thermal is also free and instantly completed (costs no RSS) – giving you 1 free creatable thermal and 1 instantly placeable thermal (2) in total. Once you have placed 2 completed thermals, swap to the Iron Wall tactic (in place of Wonder Builder). Great – you can now fully restore these thermals to full health, twice. This means the enemy must spend 4.5 hours (straight) rotating demolition tactics using 9 different alliances on that thermal to bring it down to low health, then you can restore it, and then they must do that again for another 4.5 hours using 9 different alliance shells demolition rotation to bring them down. This forces players to be available for 9 hours+ straight to take down a thermal tower.

Once the next chronicle opens, Security Alert tactic grants you an additional 1 hour of defense time – can be used twice, totaling 11 hours of straight demolition needed to bring it down.

During this time, the mini alliance can create an Diplomacy Alliance (allies) with the Main Alliance – and the Main Alliance can now place towers off that chain. Once they place one Main Alliance tower, they can place 7+ around your alt alliance towers, securing the area. They can continue to do this regardless of the thermal zone restrictions, allowing them to completely override the existing functionality for thermal placement block zones, even though you shouldn’t be able to place in the zone of another alliances thermal zone.


Using your 3 characters, place your C15 into these alliances and go into frost with them, then pass lead back off to the low level C2 when you are done in frost for that shell. With this strategy, secure all 3 gates for another servers own zone – locking them from being able to place there if you got to it first – completely stopping them from being able to play the game before the zones even open with just one little C15 account – ruining the entire 45 day event for an entire server full of dedicated players who support the game with their time.

Repeat this strategy on all gates and lock everyone into their own zones, ruining intended gameplay and KvK for the entire bracket without even lifting a finger on your main account.

Collect your prize fighting nobody – a hollow victory but none the less, a win by game design.

Published: 06-10-2022