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Legion of Frostborne Survival Guide: Keeping Your Troops Safe with a Tactical Trick

Greetings, valiant commanders of the Infinity Kingdom! In the world of epic battles and strategic warfare, the Legion of Frostborne presents both challenges and opportunities. One critical aspect of mastering this event is safeguarding your castle and troops, especially when you find yourself offline without a protective shield. In this guide, we’ll unveil a crucial trick that can be a game-changer for your alliance – a trick that can save your troops and resources from potential predation.

The Importance of Shielding Up during Legion of Frostborne:

As seasoned commanders, we understand the significance of having a shield active while we sleep, particularly during the Legion of Frostborne event. The consequences of forgetting to shield up can be dire – waking up to a ravaged castle, depleted troops, and the arduous task of rebuilding. To avoid setbacks and ensure steady progress, shielding up during the Frostborne event is a fundamental practice.

The Alliance Officer’s Tactical Trick:

However, we all know that sometimes, despite our best intentions, oversights happen. Fear not! There exists a tactical trick within the arsenal of alliance officers that can serve as a safeguard for your offline comrades. Here’s the secret: all alliance officers possess the ability to remove members at will, provided they are not in a state of rage. When a member is removed, they are automatically withdrawn from the Legion of Frostborne battleground and returned safely to Norheim.

How to Execute the Trick:

  1. Stay Connected with Your Alliance:
    Regular communication is key. Make sure all alliance members are aware of this trick and its potential application. A united front in understanding and executing this tactic can be a game-changer for your alliance’s overall success.
  2. Prompt Action by Officers:
    Should an officer notice a member sleeping without a shield and vulnerable to an impending attack, swift action is required. Officers can remove the member from the alliance, effectively rescuing them from the Legion of Frostborne battleground.
  3. Communication is Key:
    Ensure that the alliance member being removed is aware of the situation and the reason behind the action. Effective communication fosters trust and understanding within the alliance, strengthening the overall coordination.


In the ever-evolving realm of Infinity Kingdom, mastery of events like the Legion of Frostborne is essential for your alliance’s success. Knowing and utilizing tactical tricks, such as the alliance officer’s ability to remove members strategically, can be the difference between setback and triumph. Arm your alliance with this knowledge, communicate effectively, and watch as your comrades wake up to a secure castle. May your tactics be sharp, and your victories be plentiful!

Published: 19-12-2023