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Seasons 1 – 3

8 servers will be grouped into one large legion to take part in the Legion of Frostborne together.

Season 1 will match servers of adjacent server numbers into the same legion. Seasons 2 and 3 will group servers from a larger range into legions.

IMPORTANT! Servers that didn’t participate in trial season of Legion of Frostborne will start on s1. Servers that did participate in trial season will begin in s2.

Servers have been in SvS standstill waiting for patch 1.8 to land. The patch is live 13th jan and SvS will resume on the 20th jan 2022.

Conquest season

The conquest season is the ultimate challenge of the Legion of Frostborne. In this season, servers will be grouped based on a comprehensive analysis of each server’s Lord Power, previous battle results, and Lord’s activity level. This is to match opponents based on their strength, so as to ensure fairness in the groupings. After the first conquest seasoin begins, conquest seasons will start to cycle indefinitely. Each conquest season will start immediately after the end of the previous conquest season (short pause as new season counts down).

Trial season

The trial season lasts for a shorter time than a regular season, and has a different matching system and rewards.