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Beginner Building with builders

Infinity Kingdom is a city-builder game. As such, you are likely not very surprised by the fact that you are faced with 46 buildings, all of which begin as ruins and will end up being upgraded 49 times after you revive them from ruin (level 50 cap).

In this article we go over the basics of what building means in IK. Also what to prioritize, tips for builders and lastly I have included relevant references to other work you will likely find valuable in your continued growth.

You can find information on ALL building requirements and the costs of upgrade every single building from level 1-50 in my guides on building upgrade.

You can find them all here: Buildings & Requirements

Prioritise your castle level

You want to quickly raise your castle level in the beginning to quickly move through the tuturial, gain access to new buildings and get the first troop tiers unlocked. As such, you want to focus on developing your castle level as quickly as possible. This means neglecting some buildings on the way!

You can use the guidance you find when you hit the castle upgrade button to decide what to build next.

Keep your builders busy

Ressources are not scares at low level. You have no need to collect and save for big builds, on the contrary, you need to build everything as fast as possible. You will get a lot of ressources from questing quickly. If you spend your speeds and keep your builders, barracks and armies busy, you will get more than enough ressources to grow fast and without internal production.

I personally only to 1 of each farm type when I make a new castle. Only in level 10-15 do I begin to level up the rest of the farms (after I have joined an active alliance, this will be explained later).

Spend your speed-ups

Untill you unlock Alliance, you should spend speed-ups as you get them. Later on you will be collecting and saving them for events, but at low level, you need to get as far as you can as fast as you can.

You gain speedups fast as you progress fast. Questing, leveling up and just generally playing the game earns you a lot of speed-ups. Using these to speed up your growth in the beginning means you will recieve more speeds and yields more quickly and faster than other players who bank their speeds, giving you an edge in the growth spur.

When you have an alliance, you should wait a few min. to get some “help” with your builds, then speed complete it if you can.

While you should spend your speed-ups as they come, I recommend trying to keep a few to complete new castle levels quickly.

Extra builders

Always buy the second temporary builder, spending gems on this builder is high value. Later on, you should spend Alliance coins daily on collecting a temporary builder through the alliance shop.

Buying a permanent builder for 5 USD, whilst not absolutely a must, is a pretty good idea. I see it as the cost of playing the game, like if the APP costs 5 bucks to download. This is a city builder game, hence building 33% makes a huge difference in the long run.

Note that you get a free Merlin Immortal on top of the builder – this Immortal is very strong. Without him you will not be able to fight most players in Infinity Kingdom. If you want to play the PvP elements of this game, I would recommend spending 5 bucks on the game to get both builder and Merlin.

Published: 03-08-2022