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Top 5 Strategies for Building a Strong and Prosperous Kingdom in Infinity Kingdom

Building a strong and prosperous kingdom is key to success in Infinity Kingdom. In this article, we will share the top 5 strategies to help you achieve this goal.

Strategy 1: Focus on Resource Production

  • Building and upgrading resource-generating buildings
  • Utilizing gathering marches and resource nodes
  • Prioritizing research on production technology

Strategy 2: Efficiently Manage Your Immortals

  • Prioritizing upgrading and leveling your main march Immortals
  • Utilizing your lower-level Immortals for gathering or support purposes
  • Melting down unused or low-level Immortals for crystal fragments

Strategy 3: Join a Strong Alliance

  • Finding and joining an active and competitive alliance
  • Contributing to alliance technology research and development
  • Collaborating with alliance members for mutual benefits

Strategy 4: Participate in Events and Activities

  • Completing daily and weekly quests for rewards
  • Participating in limited-time events for unique rewards
  • Strategizing for Alliance Expedition battles

Strategy 5: Plan and Execute Effective Attacks

  • Scouting enemy kingdoms before launching attacks
  • Utilizing a balanced army composition for optimal effectiveness
  • Coordinating with alliance members for successful joint attacks

Use the guides provided here

I have comprehensive guides for new players growing and developing as well as a platitute of different build guides. Here you can read up on every aspect of Infinity Kingdom and avoid making the mistakes that other players have made. Furthermore, having a goal for what combat setup you want to be using at end-game will help you greatly along the way. Checkout my build guides and stay up to date here and on YouTube!


By following these top 5 strategies, you can build a strong and prosperous kingdom in Infinity Kingdom. Remember to focus on resource production, manage your Immortals efficiently, join a strong alliance, participate in events and activities, and plan and execute effective attacks. With dedication and strategy, you can become a successful player in this immersive game.

Published: 28-03-2023